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  1. Hello everybody im new to this shit here just trying to get as much info as possible that will help me through out my grow and hopefully get better as i go! So i would appreaciate all info that will be thrown my way nobodys the best evey one starts crawling before they walk so would really appreaciate some help from more expericed growers!!!
    My set up is
    10 cfls
    5-13 w
    T5 with high output 53w each (2 bulb shop light)
    And another wit t8 40w each
    Im using wat i can afford for now so wat erver i can get ima use!

    And as for seeds
    Humboldt sour diesel auto fem
    Im goin wit
    Alaska fish fer,morbloom,superthrive,cal-mag,gmas blackstrap molases
    Im also using ph up and down so i can get the right ph!
    Like i said ima beginner
    And i using wat i can get for now so as i go i will get better nuye and better lights but for now this is wat im workin with im also using kelloggs organic soil with mg perlite!!

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  2. Welcome and good luck growing an auto on your first grow.
  3. You're doing good for starting, cfls are ok. I switched to the generic 100w led bulbs from Walmart with great success for vegging. I highly recommend at least a 5 gallon fabric pot. A lot is trial and error in the learning process, some things that work for others may not be the same for you. Good luck and happy growing.

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  4. CFLs are not worth it. You would figure cheaper but not, think how many you would need to finish lol. 65 USD would get you a marshydro 300w on Amazon and that will hold 1 plant pretty easy.

    My current 6 Jock Horror Autos, coco coir grow :gc_rocks:
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