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  1. i have been a smoker for a very long time. i have always smoked top shelf stuff well about a well about a week ago i got so sweettooth from my guy. it had 3 seeds in it. that was a first for me. so i kept them and decided to do a grow. i am going to use a foot locker im going to stand it up on its end for headroom. the box is 1foot 6 inch by 1 foot by 2 and a half feet tall when up on its end. I painted it flat white inside. i need to know about cfl lights and airflow needs please help. i know there are better light options but cfl is cheap puts out little heat and keeps the energy cost down. what for that space is the best lighting set up and air flow needs?
  2. you could do with using as many cfls as you can fit, I'm guessing that will be about 6 small cfls (about 20 or 25 watt each) or you could put a large 125w or 250w with reflector in there, it should just about fit. you will need to do a ScrOG system. all going well you should pull 1-2 oz from it. you could use a bathroom extractor fan or you may get away with a 4" computer fan on the intake and one one the exhaust. you need to train the growing shoots very close to the bulb, between 1-3 inches really. this is where the ScrOG system comes in
  3. can someone direct me to a good screen of green how to preferably with pictures
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    it's a simple method really. you build a screen above your plants, the plants grow to the screen, you intertwine the growing shoots in the mesh screen so you completely fill the canopy with a carpet of growing shoots. it should of been called carpet of green really or COG, but too late to change it now. I'll dig out a photo for you in a sec
  5. here's one type, these are best when you have a number of plants you wish to be kept separate so they have separate screens


    but in your case you will probably be better off with the one single screen spanning your whole area like this


    here's a smaller version with small cfls

  6. seeds are in there soil. lights are mounted. fans will be soon. i went with 2 daylight cfls and one softlight cfl. in a one by one and 2 foot tall foot locker painted flat white. i would post pics but i cant figure out how. lol.
  7. sounds great mate

    I post photos with photobucket. If you sign up a profile with them, uploading to their site is very straightforward. you keep your photos in folders and can mark them as private if you don't want anyone seeing them.

    then when you want to include a photo in your post like what I did above you click on the link that is shown next to your photo. there are 4 links, you need to click on the bottom one. this copies it to your clipboard. you then simply paste the link in to your comment and it shows up like the ones above.

    there are many ways of doing it but I find this way the best
    it's a good idea to resize them before uploading to photobucket otherwise they come out on the forum massive.

    it's great because you only need to upload once and they are always there and people don't have to click on a thumbnail and view them in a separate window. this is a pain when your on the forum via a mobile phone like I am haha
  8. so what is the right watering schedule and when should i be expecting them to break through the soil. yes thy did sprout a little when i germd them.
  9. I like to keep my soil pretty evenly moist for the first few days by adding small amounts of water . but after a few days it's best to let the soil dry out somewhat between waterings. after a couple of weeks of growth you can let the soil dry right out between watering and really flood the soil until some comes out the bottom. every now n then it's good to give the soil a good rinse. you can't over water per watering, only water too often.
  10. my baby has been in the ground for 3 days and still has not broke ground should i be worried
  11. no, thats totally normal. putting a heat mat underneath can save you a day but waiting 3-5 days is perfectly normal

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