First ever grow - Will this plan work? UK

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by LUPILU, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. I have found a spot to which i am thinking of using for my first ever grow.

    Out of the way from people and dence stinging nettle's and whorethorn's will deter any potential people...

    I am located near london (usual weather).

    My plan is to use Auto-seeds and start them off on a damp paper towel into a dark plastic box (until they pop).

    I was then thinking about moving the seeds into their own 2l plastic bottle (like a small greenhouse - holes etc) and planting them gently under little commpost above them with about 4/5inches of compost undernieth. Blacking out the bottem of the bottle to avoid root damage from the sun.

    I would then place all of these bottles, 6 or so im thinking all together in the area i have picked.
    and clear the space in the middle of the area (not too much but too allow light through).
    I would make the bottles stick out of the ground so they don't fall over.

    I would follow all watering methods untill the plant starts to show leaves and a small stem... after a fair few days?

    At this point i would remove the plants after they are about 3/4inches high and gently by slicing the bottles open and planting them in a pre-dug pit which would be about 4x4ft and about 1ft deep or so, full of compost and layers of fertilzer (horse poo?). I would equaly space each plant out.

    I would make a small barrier around the plants to protect them from animals. and find a way of preventing insects too.

    I would follow the correct watering methods and hopefully only need to visit the plants a few times a week or so.

    Does this sound like a good way about doing this or should i leave the outdoor grow and use a small plastic greenhouse in the area instead? and then use potted plants with only 3 plants in the greenhouse?

    Still being able to visit the greenhouse a couple of times a week if needed?

    Thanks guys, i have done so much reading and in the end thought i may as well pre-plan and ask the forums! :hello:
  2. I think you should read the outdoor section as much as possible and this is also where Google is your friend. Also watch grow guides read grow books etc in all honesty you will learn much more if you go out with the intention on learning rather then asking questions which have been asked hundreds of times before.

    I'm not being funny but all of what you have asked would be easily found either on the in forum search and if not that then Google deffo will
  3. Agreed. ^ I have typed more into that search bar at the top then you can imagine. Read read and read. If you have too after, come back with specific questions. GC is an awsome place blades will point in the right direction. Best of luck to ya..

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