First ever grow - wee greenhouse in my garden in Scotland.

Discussion in 'Greenhouses' started by Elemjay, Oct 24, 2014.

  1. Five White Widow and one Auto Assassin - all feminised auto's.
    Just about ready to harvest, I think, but I'd love some confirmation.
    Sprouted and started on the kitche windowsill then transplanted into wee big pots of compost and moved to the greenhouse.
    I've been removing the yellowed fan leaves over the past month, bit by bit. I fed them tomato food when they were hungry and rain water when thirsty (every other day or so). I greenhouse bubble wrapped the greenhouse and put in a wee thermostatically controlled electric heater.
    This is them at 12 and a half weeks - 89 days all in.
    Thanks for any advice.
    Peace, x

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  2. Any takers???
    I guess I shall just have to rely on my own judgement as an already more than competent gardner.... After all, I've got *this* far by researching, reading and a vast amount of Internet trawling (with conflicting advice at every turn!).
  3. Oops.. p.s. I know that the two in the one pot is a no-no but I ran out of big pots (these are not all that I grow) and made the executive decision of putting the two weakest looking seedlings in together.
  4. What kind of screen is that? Looks insulated. 
  5. Done by now...? but next grow avoid ripping of them yellow leaves until crispy brown as the plant is still using them, also add 20-30% perlite to avoid burning the plants, but the big fuck up has to be the heater nothing adds mold to a grow quicker than adding your own steam/mold maker, better to have the tent door open allow the humidity to escape, keep warm at night with a sealed bottle of warm water, better to avoid winter grows until you have some experience

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