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First Ever Grow! Please opinions, tips and ideas.

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by smoosh, May 17, 2010.

  1. Hey man they seem to be looking a lot better. I am battling high temps as well but I am adding a better exhaust fan to deal with this. One thing I do notice but it could just be the pictures is that soil doesn't look so great looks like clay/mud but again could just be the picture quality. Other than that the plants themselvs are looking good.
  2. Thanks for checking them out man! :)

    The clay part is something my friend put over the soil. I dont know why... But since I am so far away now, I just told him to leave it as it is jejeje. I will check your grow when I get to my computer at home since in my cel is not good...

  3. Hey guys I need some help...

    Having in mind my tent space how tall should I let them grow before 12/12?

    They are almost a foot high now. This is the tent: High Tech Garden Supply

    Thanks! More pictures coming soon! :D
  4. did you get fired and had to move back? :p

    are the girls under 12/12 yet? should be about that time...maybe a pic update will help GC decide.
  5. plant will double poss triple in height so leave room for that and room under the light..
    looking good mate..

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