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First Ever Grow! Please opinions, tips and ideas.

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by smoosh, May 17, 2010.

  1. THIS. When I asked if you had an air-cooled hood, I should have described it. You should definitely hook up your reflector hood to your exhaust (the 6" inline). You should open the second 4" hole (and think about putting a carbon filter there soon), but leave the glass on. The glass traps heat inside the hood, making it easier to exhaust.

    I'm happy to see your temps are getting better.
    :smoke: I'd like to toast my next bowl to your seedlings being female.:smoke:
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    My reflectors hood has a 4" flange and exhaust is 6" what can I use to connect? I prefer to use a 4" tube because of space.

    you mean attach 4" carbon filter directly to hood?

    I really apriciate the support from all of you guys! :)

  3. Update:

    11am temp @ 89 & 91F
  4. you can use 4" ducting. You will need a 6" to 4" reducer (home depot or any like store) to fit 4" ducting on your exhaust. and yes i mean attach a 4" carbon filter to the hood so it goes

    Carbon Filter|Hood|======Exhaust
  5. Update:

    10:00pm temp all 3 @ 86F

    after some changes and 30 min a/c
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    Day 9:

    Well guys I sarted working on some changes again :)

    I rotate the again, I open and isntalled two 4" flange with a 4" tube attached on the top. I didn't find the 6" to 4" reducer but will try again tomorrow.

    11:00pm Temp 85F on all 3 right now with a/c tent closed. More changes will come tomorrow :wave:

    Let me know what you guys think.


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  7. Hey Smoosh,
    Very interested in your grow as they have these tents at my hydro shop and they look pretty cool. Looks like you are getting your heat under control which is good.

    I am currently growing in a closet and use both an intake fan to blow air directly on the reservoir to keep it cool and a whole house fan to depressurize the house some... Also have a 4" carbon filter exhausting from the closet to control the stanky smell as it looks like you might have in a few weeks!
  8. Update:

    8:50am temp 92-95F turn on a/c to cool room up
  9. Update:

    8:50am temp 92-95F With tent door closed. turn on a/c to cool room up and open tent door.

    Gonna start working on some chages :)
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    4:00pm lights off, tent Closed, temp 86F

    This will be my vegetative light and a/c regime:

    -Lights will turn on at 5pm.

    -A/c will turn on at 4:45pm-6pm, 7:30-8, 9:30-10pm, 11:30-12am, 1:30-2am, 3:30-4am, 5:30-6am, 7:30-8am, 9:30-10am, 11-11:15am, 1-1:15, and 3-3:30pm.

    -Lights off at 11am.

    Did couple of mods! Will post pic as soon as I can. :smoke:
  11. no luck finding a 6 to 4" reducer?
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    Yesss found a ruber one. :hello:

    Temp 81F plant level (floor), 84F mid level, 84F roof level with a/c on. 5.54pm
  13. Day 10

    I was thinking of adding some frozen gallons of waters inside to help temp. Right now is much lower than the pics @ 81F-84F with lights and a/c on..

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    These are some fertilizers I found at home depot and the only soil I found that I think does not have fertilizer in it but not sure.

    -Could anyone give me their opinion on this please? I dont want to have PH problems when I add firt.
    -When could I start using them by the way?

    Thanks! :wave:

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    Update: 10:35pm

    With lights on, temp is at steady 90-91F with tent open and a/c off.

    But as soon as I turn a/c in less than 5 minutes temp drops to 80F and 85F light level and stays like this.

    Humidity is at 50%

  16. Update: 9:19am

    temp: 89F. Tent open & a/c off. Put a frozen gallon of water in & temp droped two degree in one minute. :)
  17. Hello a friend of mine gave me some Fox Farms. Told me to use the chart on the net. It says to start feeding Big Bloom to them from seedlings? I can get Fox Farm but by mail. Is this safe?

  18. Should I wait to add nutes?
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