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First Ever Grow! Please opinions, tips and ideas.

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by smoosh, May 17, 2010.

  1. What type of tent?

  2. HTGSupply 64x20x36 Grow Tent :)

    Check it out: High Tech Garden Supply
  3. 1:06AM Temp: 85F :(

  4. Can you vent your exhaust into the attic? I have the same tent and had heat problems too, but once i vented to the attic my temps stay around 80-85 and they are doing fine. You want to try and create a negative pressure system, this will cool your tent a lot better. :smoke: also you may want to invest in a cool tube.
  5. Day 7

    I have other ideas to battle heat. I will open all available vents and put a screen so no insects come in, will try to install exhaust tube this weekend to 6" fan to vent air out, will buy another clip on fan ot two, and put another 4" inline fan with a tube on the side to have three fans pushing air in.

    What you think of my babies on day 7? Be honest wont get offended :eek::

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  6. Hey Cheese thanks for passing by!

    No can't vent to the an attic. I will have to vent out of the closet into the same room. :(

    I will also add a fan outside the ten on top to circulate air on the closet and tent roof.

    Hope all of this help and I didnt waste my $ on 600w and have to buy a new 400w...

    Temp right now at 7:31AM day 8 @ 92F. :(
  7. Heat is at 92 and 99F @ 10:44AM... Shit :(

    lights turn off @ 11:00am

  8. HIGH All, your Babies look Good smoosh.....and I hope you find a Solution to your Heat Problem.
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    Hey buddy thanks for stopping by!

    I will also add a two more fans in the room to help circulate air. One near the windows and another at the door. I also have a big fan in front of the closet to help push air inside.

    Will check temp at 2pm. :eek:
  10. You mentioned an AC earlier...why aren't you using that? And have you tried turning all your fans outwards to exhaust and letting negative pressure pull air in?
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    2:26pm temp @ 86 and 85. :hello:

    This is a huge improvement for me! But still have a long way to go. Lights are off.
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    well I have two fans inside. One is blowing air on top of the light towards the exhaust and the other is on the 6" hole on the upper right coner blowing air inside the tent. I just ordered two more clip on fans. This are to blow air to the top of tent from bottom inside. Is this what you said?

    Well I am still not using a/c bc of light $. My friend is sleeping this week there and he turns it on at night. But I am planning on turn it on after he moves for a couple of hours. I still trying to se what hours are the hottest to put a timer on a/c.

    Thanks for looking after me on my first time! You guys are awsome! Wish we could smoke a bowl one day!

    I will keep you posted on changes I will do today.

    Very optimistic! :)
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  14. Update:

    9:22pm temp 91F & 94F

  15. anyway u can leave ur tent open?? that temp is way to high.. iof the plant survives the heat it will most likely be a male
  16. Day 8:

    Well still having problems with heat. But will see what the changes that will take place over the weeknd do.

    Here are some pics: :)

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  17. This is with the tent open :(:

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  18. Hiho Smoosh:) Nice eq u got out there, if u wont fuckd up smthing badly u should have tons of juicy stuff in a few months. Like some1 said b4 ur 600W for such a tent is a lil overpower but with good vent. it can turn out good for ya.

    Im during my 1st indoor too, dont u have a patience problems? Cos i cant imagine myself w8ing another 60 days or so XD

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    Thanks for the support bartolome!

    Yea I can't way to smoke my own for the first time! :)

    I am to dealing with heat problems but I will get a timer for a/c and turn it on after 5:30pm for a couple of hours to cool room after lights turn on. This should help remove some heat that acumulates in the room during the day.

    Lights are off from 11am to 5pm. I know this would help. I have a couple of ideas to battle heat that will do over the weekend.

    I just raised the light right now. Will see..

    I was also planning on connecting a tube from one of two light reflector/hood 4" vents to the 6"high velocity fan and leave the other one open to let the fan exhaust the air inside the tent from the light's reflector/hood 4" 2nd vent.

    Could this work better than what I have now? If I do this should I take off the relector's glass or just leave the 2nd 4" open would be fine? The reflector has two 4" vent.


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  20. Update:

    8am temp @ 84-87F..!!!! Yesss!! Lot better! :D:hello:

    lights are on

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