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First Ever Grow, need some HELP PLEASE!

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by SativaShell, Mar 8, 2018.

  1. Hey guys and gals
    This is my first ever time growing my own medicine! I’m growing 3 Auto’s, 1 FastBuds Pineapple Express and 2 Positronics Jack Diesel. My girls are growing in a 70/30 mix of coco coir and perlite in 10l smart pots. They reside in a 120x60x200 tent, 2 x 300w led’s, inlet fan and exhaust with 2 small clip on fans. I’m using GH Flora Nutes, Calmag and PH between 5.5 & 6.5.

    Ok so my girls are on day 22, I think they’re a bit on the small side maybe?? The bottom set of leaves have gone really weird, what could I have done wrong? The girls have new green growth everyday but not a lot of height going on??? Up until yesterday I was just watering around the edge as I was worried about over watering, but I then worried about not checking ph on run off. So yesterday I watered them until I got a good amount of run off and the ph was 5.8 on the Jack Diesel’s and 6 on the Pineapple Express, that’s good yeah???

    I have been feeding half strength nutes 2x weekly with plain ph water and calmag 3xweekly, I spray them with plain ph water everyday before lights out. Light schedule is 18/6.

    Some pearls of wisdom would be greatly appreciated by this newbie!!!

    These are my 3 girls CA025478-677C-4632-8A20-BDCB006F8D3E.jpeg This girlie is a FastBuds Pineapple Express Auto 090E4854-DB12-49E7-B7F9-B91184AF9800.jpeg This girlie is a Positronics Jack Diesel Auto F6DC0590-43CF-409A-B7CD-9500031D27B9.jpeg 20423D3B-B9A2-4AED-9F1E-FC6CC0F7BDB9.jpeg The 2nd Jack Diesel A81B9143-32C3-41C8-B888-FF81AF0FDE66.jpeg Pineapple Express 9B189D4C-E10C-429A-A927-B6593CF9C782.jpeg

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  2. Too much or not enough? Could it be not enough N?
  3. weed roots are like a big train marshal yard

    you pour on the nutes leading the main line to move thru faster

    but the side lines get clogged (the plant needs differing foods)

    the plant tries to shuffle the excess to any spare leaf

    hence the coloration

    wash out the excess now by pouring 3 times the pot volume of air temp..ph'ed water

    allow to drain over night or 8 hours in low light

    to continue in the morning

    no nutes for 2 weeks even then 50% less

    good luck
  4. I would tend to disagree with watering the edges. The root system needs water, if you water where there are no roots it is just going to sit and evaporate slowly. When I repot from a quart to a 5 gallon, i water the core only for a quart sized plant not a 5 gallon sized plant. The amount of water needed eventually gets to the full size of the pot.
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  5. +1 to me out looks like you may have watering problem. The leaves look droopy. Try to give them a quick foliar feed and see if they respond. If that springs them, then you must water around the core.

    Also, how close are your lights? Could be light burn too.

    Check out my first grow log:

    First ever grow: How do the girls look?
  6. Hi
    Sorry I don’t think I explained myself very well lol I was watering around the plants when they were smaller. This was because I planted my 3 autos into their final pot which is a 10l smart pot.

    Once they became a bit bigger I watered the whole pot until I got run off. Run off ph has stuck between 5.7 and 6. I have stopped adding the Bloom nutes and added rhizotonic to see if this improves the girls. I am now watering the girls every day and add half strength nutes every other day.

    They are now showing signs of preflower but are still really short! Will they get taller when they get in full swing?

    I’ve added some recent pics would love some feedback

    This is the Pineapple Express, looks healthy but she’s got little legs!

    These are Jack Diesel’s who also have little legs!! 18D28FCD-0076-4C7E-AEFA-DDB8BD8195C1.jpeg

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  7. Sorry I forgot to say that the pics were taken on day 27 from sprouting.
  8. I have never grown an auto but have started flower on plants not much bigger and yes they will stretch a lot in flower, double or triple what you have now. They look pretty happy and healthy in the new pics. New growth gets twisted sometimes, don't sweat the small stuff.

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