First ever grow. Need professional advice on leaf problems

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by TOPshelfCEREALbox, Jun 15, 2019.

  1. A few days back i noticed these burned kinda rust color spots on edges of basically every leaf. Need some verbal help on what to do!! anyone?!! 20190614_183453.jpg 20190614_183500.jpg
  2. You really need to throw out more information about your grow, feeding, soil, PH ect :)
  3. Well I've been using Fox farm ocean forest. And the oh well to be completely honest I haven't checked it I'm working on getting that ph checker. Usually I water them with bottled water from the store and I just took them off from feeding them Fox farm grow big nutrients. I was assuming it might be nutrient burn and a bit of gnat problem as I noticed some of them !
  4. Also thinking it might be phosphorus deficiency and cal mag lacking you get me?
  5. What kind of pots? Have you been letting 20 percent run out when water? I would lean toward cal mag issue.

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  6. Yep i would say so. Leaf tip's are slightly clawing down and burnt, but not dark green. I don't see any evidence of a cal or mag problem ..

    Is Known as a hot soil, so most likely that's the culprit unless your allso feeding them too. Then double trouble...

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