First ever grow. Day 12, how does she look?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by alexlol28, May 27, 2019.

  1. NShe looks good. I'm on day 9 from sprout and on my first grow as well and learning as I go. Let us know how she does.

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  2. Looks nice...
    looks like an auto.
    How's my guess?
  3. Correct! How can you tell haha?

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  4. Nice little auto
  5. BTDT
    Time to start the training, believe it or not.
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  6. He made a total guess.
  7. VERY close;
    ouija board
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  8. Very scientific of you
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  9. Wow really? what kind of training would you say? some simple LST?
  10. Of course.
    This worked;
    No one cares, I tell ya!
    The plant wants to grow like a... tree
    and you'd like it to grow as a... bush.
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  11. Great resource! Thanks a lot!
  12. How does this look?
    61119427_2259638621020547_5247245477774098432_n.jpg 61136813_1263290760514794_5903508066761965568_n.jpg 61297697_835525700159655_5276767725757136896_n.jpg
  13. Sure.
    But what you really want to be doing is training the growth at the top.
    I used pipe cleaners to grasp tiny branches leaves.
    It is very difficult to get in there, between the nodes.
    You're trying to expose as many nodes as possible to the light coming down.
    Keep training horizontally; the plant will take care of the vertical growth.
    In one month, you want a flat canopy... not a 'christmas tree'.
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  14. Thanks! I figured the goal is to expose as many nodes as possible! I inclined her a little more and will use those drain cleaners when it grows out a little :D 61646422_2040848479357085_2143606649741377536_n.jpg
  15. For example;
    In the photo above, you might 'hook' the lower right leaf and tug it down.
    You'd accomplish the task of getting the plant growing horizontally... but you'd also be exposing all the nodes to the light. :)
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  16. We crossed messages.
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  17. Drain cleaners.
    Pipe cleaners.
    These are the same to you?
    I do not know.
  18. These guys, right?

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  19. Yes, pipe cleaners... as I know them. (people all over the world have different names....)
    I use the 'craft' pipe cleaners; they are twice as long and can always be easily snipped with a wire cutter.
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