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  1. Hello all decided to document my first grow and get some help from those who have more experience.

    Right now I have 1 (blueberry cookies) in a 150 gallon fabric pot.
    1 (double tangie banana) in a 50 gallon fabric pot.
    1 ACDC in a 1 gallon fabric pot.
    1 Clementine in a 1 gallon fabric pot.
    1 Black Lime Reserve in a 1 gallon fabric pot. (Started almost a week ago)
    1 Dream Queen aka Green Crack in a 7 gallon fabric pot. (Started almost a week ago)
    1 Blue dream in a 7 gallon fabric pot. (Started almost a week ago)
    1 Sherbert in a 7 gallon fabric pot. (Started almost a week ago)
    1 Zkittles in a 7 gallon fabric pot. (Started almost a week ago)

    Lost 3 clones on transplant, 1 Durban Poison, 1 Pineapple Express, 1 Chocolate Hashberry.

    I plan on transplanting all the clones in 1 gallons to most likely 25 gallon fabric pots this soil expenditure so far was greater than expected. I may also end up with 2 more 100 gallon fabric pots as well.

    Soil on the large pots is 1/3 compost from local animal farm mixture of manures, bedding, alfalfa etc. some bu's blend added for diversity 1/3 Pumice and 1/3 Sphagnum peat moss. Amended with 1 cup/ cubic foot kelp, neem, crab/shrimp (50/50), gypsum, a bit of biochar and 4 cups/cf of rock dust. Top dressed with rice hulls.

    I've watered a couple times using blended up aloe vera leaves with water in a vitamix diluted into a 5 gallon water container. And have watered once with ground up malted barley.

    So far the growth on the Double Tangie Banana has been the most noticeable healthy vigorous growth for the most part. The blueberry cookies has finally started to take off a bit however I am worried about the presence of white/gray looking grubs in the soil which have become so numerous as to attract a couple of birds to visit the pot daily basically taking up residence nearby. Also there are a few very small holes in a couple of the leaves which is disconcerting not sure of the cause atm. I thought all the transplants from clones of last week were going to die but it seems like everything but the chocolate hashberry will pull through.

    I plan on extending the season with the solar lights you can see in the pictures. I may have been a bit late placing a light on the clementine and ACDC which seem to have preflowered I hope they will revert back as they are very small.

    And now for some pictures!

    Blueberry Cookies in 150 gallon fabric pot
    Close-up of one of the leafs of the Blueberry Cookies (take note of the hole)
    Double Tangie Banna in 50 gallon fabric pot (Maybe needs to be pruned / take clones from lower branches?)
    Here are the plants in 7 gallon containers front is Blue dream, to the right of that is Sherbert, to left of that is Dream Queen aka Green Crack, to right of that is the dead chocolate hashberry, and at the back is the zkittles. (Tons of small looking flies could be fungus gnats circling around these)
    Here are the 3 plants in 1 gallons. Front left is the ACDC to the right of that is the Clementine and the Black lime reserve is at the rear.
    And now for some pictures of the grubs I dug out to get pictures of
    20170829_140224.jpg 20170829_135343.jpg

    Thanks for stopping by!
  2. There's no doubt you'll do extremely well - and especially for your first grow. You made an excellent choice going the organic route - and your soil mix sounds great.

    Keep them in the full sun as much as possible!

    Good luck - but you won't need it.

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  3. My stupid attempt at foliar without using a correct sprayer/straining got pissed when the blended aloe vera wouldn't spray through those hand sprayer bottles and basically dumped it on must be the residue. Ordered one of those Chapin 1949 sprayers so I should not make that mistake again! Looks like I will have to strain it before putting that same solution in the in the new sprayer. Could also be some malted barley powder involved.

    On a different note since your here Scooby I remember you mentioning that worm tea (AACT) is not worth the hassle just to top dress with the castings. I just got through the Edwards book Vermiculture Technologies is the information in the book wrong/outdated? Seemed like Edwards concluded there were many benefits to using a foliar application of AACT. My understanding was that the bacterial population in the tea would somehow outperform the bad bacteria on the leaves resulting in dramatically fewer incidences of disease, mildew, etc. My first bin I thought I was ready for harvest but looks like I'll have to wait a bit. In the meantime was still wondering whether it's worth it to build something like Microbeman's (Tim Wilson's) poor man's mini microbulator.

    Thanks for stopping by Scooby and it could very well be those Rose Chafer's although I have yet to see those beautiful green beetles they turn into.
  4. the problem with that kind of logic is that soil microbes are not one and the same with microbes that live on leaves. there is no real scientific proof of the benefits of AACT. that's beside the point you need specialized equipment and knowledge to make a proper tea.

    also, dont foliar malted barely
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  5. Man you'll be so happy with that purchase... One suggestion I would make is to bye the adjustable brass sprayer tip for it. I think that mine cost me seven dollars and I love it. It's a high-quality adjustable nozzle end which allows you to spray anywhere from a very fine mist to a steady stream - for the couple dollars it's well worth it in my opinion. Enjoy your sprayer!
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  6. I'm a total idiot when it comes to these things any chance you could shoot me a link to the part I need I'll find a cheaper source just don't want to buy the wrong thing. Thanks Jerry.
  7. Lost the blue dream clone :( was hoping to keep that one, heard it does well outdoors in Southern California. And without further ado new pictures they were watered with blended aloe vera leaves and each pot got some blended malted barley. They aren't really exploding as fast as I'd hoped they would. I also added tomato cages to the 2 large pots.

    Blueberry Cookies 150 gallon (looks like birds going after the grubs messed with the plant too causing it to lean a bit)
    Blueberry Cookies 150 gallon zoomed
    7 gallon pots from the front: dead blue dream, behind to right Sherbert, to the left of that Dream Queen aka Green Crack, to the right of that dead Chocolate Hashberry, to the left of that Zkittles.
    Double Tangie Banana in 50 gallon
    1 gallon pots front left ACDC, front right Clementine, in back Black Lime Reserve
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  8. Hello all, took some more pictures today. I watered today with some aloe and malted barley. Double Tangie Banana and Blueberry Cookies look to be doing alright. Lost a lot more clones than I thought I would overall. I need to get a better system for transferring from rockwool to soil maybe keep them inside somewhere under fluorescents till they root out a 1 gallon. Or try the soil mix that scooby has linked up for seedlings with 9 parts peat to 1 part castings etc. Took 2 cuts off each of the bigger plants to give my first shot at cloning. Also filled up 2 more 100 gallon pots with soil for 2 of these clones to eventually be transferred into.

    Double Tangie Banana in a 50 gallon pot
    Blueberry Cookies in a 150 gallon pot
    Front is Sherbert in a 7 gallon and rear is Zkittlez in a 7 gallon
    Dying ACDC front left, Stalled out I don't know wtf going on Clementine to the right, and Black Lime Reserve at the rear with some funky leaf colors I'm worried about.
    New 100 gallon pot with soil cycling #1
    New 100 gallon pot with soil cycling #2
    And I ginormous Grub I found sitting in the Double Tangie Banana pot the other day

    Thanks for stopping by please feel free to give some advice, pointers, etc. All welcome.
  9. Hello all,

    Seems parts of my double tangie banana has started to flower despite the added lights I've had shining on them. Should I remove the lights and just let it flower, or cut off those branches that started flowering, or just leave it with the lights the way it is now? My blueberry cookies has some discoloration on a couple of the leaves anyone have any idea what it might be? Lastly I have no idea what is going on with this Black lime reserve not moving at all just been the same since last week see difference in the pictures from last week to this week (last post vs. this post) don't know what to do think it's going to die if something doesn't change. I forgot to take a picture of the 4 clones I took last week I'm not sure if I will be successful wish I had seen Brassnwoods technique before I took mine. The Sherbert and Zkittlez are taking off now which is very nice so some good news! Without further ado pictures!

    Double Tangie Banana in 50 gallon
    Flowers on the lower branches of Double Tangie Banana
    Blueberry Cookies in 150 gallon
    Close-up of leaf discoloration on Blueberry Cookies
    Dark Heart Nursery Sherbert in 7 gallon up front Zkittlez in 7 gallon in the rear
    Unobstructed view of the zkittlez
    Black Lime Reserve in 1 gallon kind of worried about it would it need a transplant already would it help?
    Last Picture is of a bug I found sitting on one of the leaves of the Blueberry Cookies not sure what it is
    Thanks for stopping by and please do comment if you can regarding the questions I posted!
  10. Hey all long overdo for an update. My first attempt at cloning failing horribly only 1 left and still not showing roots after almost 3 weeks but leaves and stem look alright interestingly enough.

    Double Tangie Banana flowering all over the place so I removed most all the supplemental lighting although it still does get a little bit. It managed to flower despite having 2 lights on it LOL so a tiny bit shouldn't hurt. Days are really getting shorter don't know if I should remove the supplemental lights from the blueberry cookies and let it flower too or let it get some more veg time. No scare of frost down in southern California really. Zkittlez and Sherbet looking good too vegging with the supplemental lighting. Black Lime Reserve back from near death I think it needs to be up-potted maybe? And now pictures.

    Double Tangie Banana in 50 gallon pot
    Blueberry Cookies in 150 gallon
    Black Lime Reserve in 1 gallon
    Sherbet on Left and Zkittlez on right both in 7 gallons

    Thanks for stopping by.
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  11. looking good :thumbsup:
    i wouldn't touch the black lime, just LITFA for now.
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  12. Long Overdo for an update. Blueberry Cookies has begun flowering so I removed the solar lights! Double Tangie Banana looks good to me moving right along. Zkittles has taken a turn for the worse after a good start leaves are all turning brown you will see from pictures not sure what I did wrong. I added some clones to some other pots. And my first attempt at taking 4 clones all failed even after nearly a month in rapid rooters using humidity dome. Black Lime Reserve looks about the same @Sc00byD00bie ?

    Double Tangie Banana in 50 gal moving right along in flower
    20171022_143738.jpg Top Cola of Double Tangie Banana
    20171022_143745.jpg Sherbet in 7 gallon
    20171022_143752.jpg Blue Dream New Clone in 7 gallon
    20171022_143754.jpg Zkittles in 7 gallon - Looking very sick not sure why look at earlier pics it was doing great now this...
    20171022_143806.jpg Dream Queen aka Green Crack in 7 gallon - New Clone
    20171022_143826.jpg Chocolate Hashberry in 7 gallon - New Clone
    20171022_143837.jpg Black Lime Reserve in 1 Gallon - Still not moving
    20171022_143840.jpg Chocolate Hashberry in 100 gallon - New Clone
    20171022_143852.jpg Blueberry Cookies in 150 gallon - Just started flowering
    20171022_143908.jpg Top Cola of Blueberry Cookies
    20171022_143916.jpg Dream Queen aka Green Crack in 100 gallon - New Clone

    Thanks for visiting.

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  13. could be the lighting or angle but top growth on the black lime looks a bit better which is a good sign. :thumbsup: keep leaving it alone for now.
  14. Caterpillars everywhere my goodness wtf worse than anything else they come and take the good parts only too. I went to Lowe's they didn't have BT went to Home Depot they didn't have it either. Ended up ordering for pickup in store at Home Depot. In the meantime I expect the fuckers will eat my whole first crop. I will have pictures of all the plants later this week hopefully just pissed off right now.

    Look at the size on this one...

    Here is after I decided I should see how many I can get off 1 plant about half as many as I found


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