First ever grow - 1st lower leaves dying?

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  1. Big 'Hi' to all.

    Having messed my guts up with alcohol and bad eating, time to try something new. Excited to be trying to grow my own CBD/THC 1:1 and a bit worried that it may be heading tits up!

    Two and a half weeks since planting germinated seed in 12 litre fabric pot, the 1st pair of proper leaves (same height as Cotyledons) appear to be dying - have been for days. After plenty of web trawling I can't seem to see this being normal or even mentioned. The rest of the plant looks ok I think. It's a big pot for a seedling but I didn't want to plant and replant and several websites said ok to plant direct into final pot. Could I be over or under watering? I've been very careful to follow the instructions of the many websites that tend to only have slight variations in procedures.

    On a 18/6 LED light cycle in v. small grow tent 2 foot x 2 foot: I've been keeping RH at about 60%, temp at around 25C(77F), lights out night time 13C(55F) to 15C(59F), venting 5 mins every 30 mins just to turnover the air supply until it gets bigger and smellier and needs the extra CO2.


    Hopefully the info and picture helps enough for some feedback. No doubt I'm doing something stupid.
    Thanks for reading!
  2. What is your medium?
    It looks like the plant is starving.
    I have always found it easier to start in solo cups and transplant after a couple of's difficult to maintain the proper water/oxygen ratio in such a large pot when the roots aren't established yet.........especially for a newbie.
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  3. What is your soil mix? Feeding anything?
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  4. Yeah, I’m sure you’re right. Next time I’ll do that. I’ve just bought myself a moisture meter too because I read so much about over watering. In such a big pot with a seedling it’s hard to know how much water is near the roots and how much just drains to the bottom.
    Medium is BioGreen Totall Mix.
    Thanks for feedback, Mick.
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    Hi CrazyGardener, soil mix is BioGreen Totall Mix and I’m not currently feeding it anything. The bag said there were plenty of nutrients in the substrate for a few weeks at least. Also I read that seedlings don’t need much at such an early stage. I have a whole load of various fertiliser liquids that came with a starter pack I bought so I was going to start using them in the vegetative phase which I figured would be next week - ish?
    Thanks for your help.
  6. way too hot..check this : GWE
    maybe mix in some 50% perlite or clean river sand or better restart?
    good luck
  7. Hi Vee, thanks for your feedback. I’m a bit confused. No nutes whatsoever have been added to the soil mix. Surely the soil alone can’t be giving the plant nutrient burn. I’d really hate to restart. I’ve kinda grown attached to my ‘baby’.
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    grab half a cup of your mix add 2 cups of water shake,
    then dip ya ph tool for a reading,
    you are in for a shock

    looking at the burn I suggest is a mix with way too much chicken poop or other hi (N) nute

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  9. Ran upstairs and did exactly what you suggested. Water ph on own was 6.7. After adding soil mix and shaking ph went down to 6.6. I see from the table that ph should be 5.8 to 6.0 but damn it’s not that way out enough to burn - right? Rest of plant above looks good - to me, which might not mean much - so could it be something that’s now rectified itself. Thanks again for the help, Vee.
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  10. for comparison these germinated 2 and a half weeks ago and were planted 8 days ago without much watering but PLENTY of light i suggest doing a slurry test and maybe adjusting your light IMG_20230315_065325539.jpg IMG_20230315_065345564.jpg
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  11. right now is crucial moment for her if her roots are dying or drowning she may die the soil appears hot to me
  12. my vote is over watered if you gave more than a few ounces a day and water around the edge not the middle it looks soaked
  13. Thanks for your thoughts sosogrow. Wasn’t that a slurry test I did as per Vee’s suggestion? I think overwatering might be the answer based on your amazing pics. I’ll cut it right back and see what happens. Thanks again.
  14. when it dries out water around the edge but let it dry a few days at least how far is your light and how many watts at the wall?
  15. i mixed a shitload of perlite in my mix too like 30%
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  16. Ill look at perlite for my next grow to be sure. Light is: 1 x Photon LED Board 120w. I keep it 8 - 10 inches above plant. I will let the water dry out for a while and see what happens. Fingers crossed. I’ll post another picture if there’s any change. Thanks for the help.
  17. that light wont be strong enough to flower a plant but worry about that when the time comes
  18. Thanks @sosogrow. That's not good news. It's only a 2 foot by 2 foot tent mind. If she dies then I'll buy another before restarting and if she lives I'll look a bit sooner. Any that you recommend? Regarding the leaves today, it looks like there is slight yellowing around the edges which I've read could mean malnutrition but then also could mean other things. I've added some new photos with the led light off this time to hopefully get a better perspective of colour. I'll try anything to save her so all ideas welcome.

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  19. Every point on the PH scale is 50 times more or less than it's previous number: ph of 2 is 100 times more acidic than ph of 4. so 5.8 is 10 times more acidic than 6.0
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  20. That light will flower one plant just fine.

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