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  1. Hola everyone, I just thought I would start a grow journal since I am so excited about my baby and I need something to keep me away from my plant for a few minutes.

    Here is what I have going on:

    White Rhino bag seed, it looked great with a bunch of stripes all over it.

    FFOF soil, I read somewhere this is one of the best soils.

    Safeway brand distilled water, I don't' have a water PH test kit yet so I figured distilled water from the store should be OK. Does anyone know what the PH of that water is or if there is a better alternative?

    The 3 CFL light set-up from the "Buds for Less" book. Right now I am using one 42w 2700k at the top light and two 27w 5500k's on either side of the plant.

    A common oscillating house fan, a PH meter, a thermometer, some hope and prayers...

    I am going to switch the two 5500k CFL's out at 4 weeks so all the lights will be the 42w or possibly 55w, 2700k CFLs for flowering.

    Please let me know what you think and any suggestions are greatly appreciated. THANKS!

  2. Day 1 camera 024.jpg

    After transplant to permanent home day 14
    camera 063.jpg

    Let me know what you think.

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  3. Not one reply ? What gives, I need some pointers please.
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    hello? anyone
  5. i have read that when you use distilled water, reverse osmosis water, or tap water with low ppm you might get a magnesium deficiency. That's what happened to my plants. I would advise getting a PH test kit quick as you can, and when you can afford it a PPM meter (that i have yet to buy but is another of those vital pieces of equipment.

    other than that, she looks good. not stretched like mine did. I'll subscribe just to see how things turn out.
  6. Well, thanks for the reply 'el' I really appreciate it. I went out and got a Ph test kit today, but the nice electronic one with ppm is around $130 so I have to wait on that.
    Thanks again for the advise I want this grow to go as easy as possible so the Mag. defiency warning is just what I'm lookin for on here.
  7. Here are some new pics taken today 8/12. The plant is now 25 days from seed sprouting.

    I switched it over to 12/12 lights yesterday, as well as taking out the 2 5500k CFL's. There are now three 55W 2700K CFL's lighting the plant.



  8. Try eBay. That's where I got my ppm and pH meters for cheap. They work for me quote well and from what I can tell, look and work just like the ones at my local hydro store. I got strips at first, but compared to the digital, they were way off.
  9. she looks good. cant wait to see it start flowering
  10. Check out my grow journal also, J, looks like you and I started around the same time, and its my first as well. Maybe we can help guide each other along!
  11. OK so I got a simple PH test strip kit and the safeway water seems to have a Ph of 6.0-6.5 so I can adjust accordingly, my soil Ph was 7.0 two days after feeding some FF veg nutes, so I need to bring it down some.

    I didn't buy any Ph altering chemicals because I figure i can just use baking soda or lemon juice in my water, does anyone have experience using natural base/acid like I want to? Any special formulas or pointers?
  12. I have a question about my watering schedule, basically my plant doesn't seem to be very thirsty at all.

    I gave it a gallon on the 7th of this month, then again another gallon yesterday.

    Both times I broke up the watering into two parts. I gave it about half gallon and it doesn't drain out much at all, so I wait a couple hours then give it the other half gallon.

    When i give it the second half gallon it drains almost immediately and I have to empty the catch pan into a cup before it spills out.

    Is the method I'm using wrong, or is a gallon just too much water in one day for my plant? It seems like everyone uses a 3-5 day watering schedule but mt plant doesn't really dry that fast. Any suggestions? Thanks.

    btw, the plant is about 10 1/2" tall in a 3 gallon pot, FFOF with 1" perlite in very bottom.
  13. Here's pics from today, recently topped/FIM'd.
    I guess I can say I have a new term for topping technique "IRFM'd", because I really fk'n missed. :eek::D
    Also, I tried taking a macro pic of what is growing where I am supposed to be able to tell sex, I guess it is still to early but they look like just the start of new leaves? Any ideas?


  14. I got excited when I saw the same thing on my plants, but alas, they are the start of new leaves. the female pre-flowers will look like balls at first and then produce a pistil, whereas the male will apparently have a cluster of balls resembling a club (playing card).

    I also effed up my fimming. I tried to fimm two out of my four plants, and one has funny looking leaves now and the other was done even worse and has not fully recovered, however, it did produce the desired result in making the lower branches grow higher faster. Either way, I do believe I will go with topping instead of fimming from now on
  15. she looks great. cant wait to see her start flowering.
  16. Was there any input on this ? it seems kinda odd to me that it isnt very thirsty???
  17. how are you telling if your plants need water or not? i have read that you should water everytime the dirt is dry two inches down. i just stick my finger in the edge of the pot and if its dry the whole way up my finger i water. i usually have to water twice a week, but i have alot of airflow because its usually hot in my tent, so it could be sucking the moisture out of the soil faster.
  18. I just watch the soil for dryness, I stick my finger about 3 places, and I pick up the planter to check the weight.

    I have the space at a pretty stable 77 degrees F, and humidity is usually around 37-43%.
    Also, I have a 12 inch house fan oscillating on high speed always even in dark period.
  19. IT's a GIRL!
    correct me if I'm wrong but I do believe my baby has sprung her first pistils see the pics and let me know, thanks!

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  20. well since no replies I went to my dispensary and showed the pics to my friend there, he says it is definitely a female plant.


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