First ever CFL grow strain Skywalker

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  1. This is my first ever attempt and growing and i have little to no money....i got my clone and put her in dirt on 5/9/2010....i have 4 27w CFLs that put out 1750 lumines and 5000k each i have her on a 18/6 lighting cycle right now watering as needed and spraying leaves daily with spray bottle....i have a small fan that blows when the lights are on....i have to keep this grow hidden as i live with my father in law and he would freak out so any help with how to control smell with out filters or building a box would be helpful....also any advice or comment would be highly appreciated i will update this as i can and no less then once a week.....i have never grow before so any and all help is welcomed

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  2. UPDATE:Not that anybody is looking at this but here goes another update on my Skywaler clones that have been in the dirt since 5/9/2010.....I have just been letting her do what she does and adding water when needed and misting her at night with a spray bottle....i have been able to see growth daily and the topping that i did has led to at least one new top and possibly more here goes some new pics and i will begin flowering on 6/6/2010 any and all feedback is welcomed come on people leave a message

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