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  1. Hi all

    i am attempting to grow some sweet MJ for the first time. i have already built the cupboard. my original plan was to have 1/2 plants growing in a srcog using manual hydroponics. i was going to use 2/3 45w CFL's (6500K for veg and 2700K for flowering) .

    its painted flat white, at the moment i will have a 120mm fan as an exhaust in the top left hand side, and intake at bottom right. the measurements are height-900mm: width-480mm: length-560mm


    how ever it turns out the only CFL's i can get or find (im in south africa) are:
    18w warm white 1200lm 2700K
    23w cool daylight 1600lm 6500K

    how many lights do you think i will need for 2 plants or for just one plant?

    looking forward to tapping into the knowledge base, for the design as well as the growing stage:hello:


  2. 100w for the first plant and 50-75 for every remaining plants or 5000+ lumens.
  3. hi lemonade AK47

    thanks for the prompt reply. what are yout thoughts if i used 6 bulbs (4x 23w 6500K + 2 x 20w 2700K) for growing and then 6 bulbs for flowering (2 x 23w 6500K + 4 x 20w 2700K).

    that would give 8800lm and 128w in total during veg. that should be more than enough for one plant, maybe pushing it with 2 plants.

  4. That sounds like plenty of light for 1-2 plants. Full spectrum is something i want to try, let me know what your results are.
  5. i will start a new thread when i start growing. im just currently doing some alterations to the box. i felt i mite run into trouble with the height being only 90cm, so im currently adding another 40cm, and giving it another coat of flat white
  6. okay guys so ive finally finished my grow room, here is a pic


    I managed to find a 105w 6500K light, thats the big one in the middle(duh)(you can see the holes above it that allow me to move it up as needed), the two small ones hanging are 23w 2700K. thats what i plan to use for the veg phase.

    the three bottom holes are my intakes, with a fan above them to blow onto the plants, then in the top corner is my outake fan. the hanging white wire is my thermo/hydro meter.

    any thoughts or am i ready to go?
  7. Do a test run for 3 hours and see what temps it reaches. I have a feeling you should be fine mate.
  8. Will be following this to see how you get on as i am curious about using cfl's will be very very interested to see how well it works:)

    Good luck :hello:
  9. thanks i did the test, max temp was 25.5 and min was 21.2 degrees Celsiusm with a humidity of 60-69%.

    seems like its ready to rock!
  10. cheers man, will be starting a grow log in the next day or two, will put a link here.

  11. CFL's work great for small grows imho. i prefer mixing spectrum. Something like 70/30 6500k in veg and 70/30 2700k in flower. i personally had 513w of CFL and fluoro tubes in a 2x4x4' closet for 4 plants. A little overkill, but then again i got the best quality bud i'd ever smoked. Coincidence? Maybe. "Noob" elation? Possibly. Great icky, sticky, stinky bud? Most definitely!
  12. Nice!

    i will be mixing the spectrum's man, around the 70/30 mark.
  13. sweet man, like i said above. i will start a new thread in a day or so as the seeds start germinating, will post the link here!

  14. i was wondering if you could give me instructions on how you built the closet

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