First ever, 250w MH Bagseed., pics of transplant, scrog.

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    First trich pics of poppy page 4!!

    Well after hanging around for a while and obtaining alot of great information from everyone here at GC, I decided to finally start a journal and begin the dream. Now the grow has been going for a while and I will be the first to admit that I did far to little research and could have been far better prepared. so what I am doing is taking this first grow as a practice run and hoping to get a few little buds for the effort.

    The setup.

    I had this small closet and realised that the interior is a stark white and it is of sufficient size to hold two plants (not too tall though) So I got myself a 250w MH light (hope to get a HPS of the same wattage on the next grow.) and a sufficient exhaust fan and with a little design and a few bits and bobs presto I have a little grow box.

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  2. So here they are.
    First off, I germed the seeds using paper towel. Two seeds. Two popped.:) The first two shots are them at about a week or so. The one on the right apparently had a bit of a struggle and came off a bit of a mutant. Not sure why. I know now that the pots are entirely too big for them and next time ill upgrade as they get bigger.

    They are in organic potting soil with no slow release ferts.

    After a little while under the fluro you can see, I turned on the MH at 18/6 and they took off!

    the mutant recovered after a few days and they were both healthy looking girls (thinking positive.) By the way thinking positive doesn't always work.

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  3. Here they are a little further.
    I believe these were taken before I topped them both. (which did amazing things)
    unfortunately I had no camera for a while so the journey paused here for a bit. I can tell you that the growth was amazing and they started to smell a wonderful sweet smell, easily masked with lavender airfreshener. Although one had a far stronger smell than the other. The weaker smelling one (the mutant) showed preflowers about two weeks after these shots were taken and was... sad to say... a boy....:cry: After a bit of research and washing away my denial, I murdered him.

    It was unmistakable, Balls on stalks, little roundish protrusions from everywhere. I wish I had photos.

    This brings me to my next question..........

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  4. So this is where I am at right now.

    The question is... male or female?

    So I like the fact that the plant is a nice bushy shape (LST, i think I can see 8 nice tops getting to the light.) But it is a shade pale. Nitrogen def? The bottom leaves are turning slowly to a yellow, I read that this can be caused by the plant "sucking" available nitrogen from the bottom to feed the top.

    I should mention that I threw the 12/12 on two days ago, for a few simple resons.

    1. I have a feeling the drainage is inadequate and there is a potential for the bottom to become water logged. (remedy help appreciated.:eek:)

    2. I am not after a monster yeild, I don't feel I have done the plant justice by researching nutes etc. so ill cut it short and do it properly next time.

    3. I feel that it could become rootbound and I would lose it completely. Can I transplant to a bigger pot now to help it along?

    Also the preflowers in the shots below look like they are better shaped to be female but no hairs! the forth shot shows a hair but it doesnt look like it is attached to a preflower and there is only one hair? is this common?

    Any help with this grow is greatly appreciated.

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  5. I just thought, maybe If this lovley is a lady, could I re-pot and re- veg, continue scrog style and get a better first grow? any thoughts would be very helpful.
  6. Not a great idea. That causes wayy to much stress on a plant and could possibly turn it hermie. (YOu don't want that obviously). Put a scrog screen up now and start training her through the screen! Awesome grow so far man! That thing is bushy. Did you just top it or were you doing and LSTing as well?

  7. Thanks jay, yeah I don't want no hermie! I topped only once then lst (LBH style) thanks for having a look man. appreciated,

    I think i will put in a screen, could be this afternoons project. might even top all of them again if there is time before it starts flowering.
  8. So for anyone who is out there having a look at my journal, Thanks!

    Bit of an update (hopefully have pics this afternoon)
    I have a rather large problem I suspect.... The plant is getting mighty pale and Im worried it could be dying!:(

    It is beggining to stretch and show more preflowers but is looking weaker by the day.

    I am noticing roots on the surface of the soil! I think it might be almost root bound!!!

    is it too late to transplant to a bigger pot? Too much stress? just don't want to lose her( think it's a girl!)

  9. Transplant her. As for your drainage, pick up some perlite or vermaculite to add to your soil. And the obvious fix, put more drainage holes in your bucket.
  10. Ya transplant her and you can for sure put back into veg! You aren't that far along in to flower, no buds or pistil even! So Yes you can do a scrog if you wished with her! Look Great Man Keep Us posted!!

  11. Thanks for your help guys, I'll transplant for sure, and get some more drainage going. I have some soil so ill get some perlite and line the bottom of the fresh pot with some pebbles so the water doesn't sit stagnant.

    I'll post some photos tommorow of the whole process so others don't make the same misstake as me!

    thanks again, appreciated!:D
  12. Also........... ITS A GIRL FOR SURE!!!!!:hello::D:D:hello:

    just saw the first few pistols!

    Unfortunately the camera is dead and the lights in the box just went off for the girl to sleep so tommorow will be a big day and for anyone watching ill have pics of everything. Can't wait!
  13. Well I have to say I think today went quite well.
    firstly, Poppy, (the wonderful lady who had now recieved a name in honor of her truly showing her sex:)) got through the day with minimal stress I think. She wilted there for a bit but after a few hours in the new home she sprung back to her usual self, and also I gave her a sprinkling of worm castings a few days ago and she seemes to have a little more colour now.

    On with the show...

    So I finally got around to making my scrog screen, It's a pine frame I had a friend make up (hes a framer, comes in handy) Then I just laced it up with some pvc coated garden wire and here it is. simple.


    then I got the new home ready by lining the bottom with some river stones to aid drainage, then a layer of organic potting soil mixed with vermiculite and perlite, (thanks for the help with this btw)


    then I got poppy undressed and ready for the new space. There was alot of visable roots,Not sure if the pot would have sufficed for the whole of flowering. Also I should mention that the dark area at the base where there are fewer roots was soaking wet! if left for the whole grow it surely would have done damage to the growth of her, or affected yeild.

    then she got nice and settled in under the screen ready to be trained again. Thought I might leave training for a day or two just to let her get settled, don't want to over stress the poor girl.

    Oh and here is some girl proof.


    Hey thanks to anyone having a look and any thoughts or tips would be mighty appreciated.

  14. G'day Trapper,

    Was wondering what you are using in the form of air filtration?
  15. Looking good man! I meant to say you could transplant it but switching light cycles could cause it to turn hermie. Sorry I think I kinda steered you wrong there. Wow those are some roots on that baby! Keep doin what your doin man, it looks great!

  16. Hey reg, thanks for stopping by mate. I have a small fan in the top right corner of the box, and those L shaped holes are the intakes, since it's such a small box it doesnt seem to need an intake fan. Its sealed tight.


    When the door is closed it creates a fair breeze up through the box. when the girl gets a little bigger im going to get a small internal fan to really keep it moving.

    Sorry reg by filtration did you mean moving the air through the box or to deal with odour? So far with the odour I have lavender oil whick seems to deal with it nicely, If it gets too stinky an odour sock should be ok since it is just one plant.
    Thanks again (btw your new bud pics look great mate!)
  17. Thanks brother, yeah I dont want to switch back to veg, I think your right with the hermie idea. I don't want to put the girl through too much, soon I will be doing some LST to spread her out a bit and get some light back on the lower nodes, I'll report back with pics soon.
    thanks again jay.
  18. Well here is another update for anyone who is interested.

    I had a little fun with Poppy today, brought her out for a little LST, (Ithink from now on I will just train her under the screen, will be too hard to get her in and out once she grows up through it.)

    Here she is before. nice and bushy.:p


    And then after.....

    You can see the site where I first topped her LBH style. (good move):D

    Then it was back home to her little box.


    And thats it,... I did see after giving her worm castings and also a touch of the Nulife coco feed 2 part nute for veg (higher in nitrogen) she had put of a great deal of colour and is looking healthy and strong.

    The only thing I did notice is that on just a few leaves the tips are drooping down. If it gets worse I will cry out for help!!!! but I think it may have something to do with the fact that she has been through alot in the past few days. poor girl, i'll just let her do her thing now.

  19. hmmm i heard that you gotta make sure the plant is already is filled in the screen before you switch. this will be interesting to see how you manage her once she starts filling in the screen

  20. Yeah I have seen that done, I'll definatly do that for my next grow. To be honest I wasn't certain I was going to use the screen but now I'm just going to use it to keep any fan leaves out of the way of bud sites. This is my first grow and I have made some misstakes but it's all learning. I'm interested to see what happens too.

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