First encounter with the popo since I've been smoking.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by JakeNBake, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. So lastnight a couple buddies of mine were knocking trash cans over and they only did like 3 but my one friend took out a flourescent lightbulb and broke it which is why I think the cops were called.

    No one was at my house so like 4 friends came over. We went to go pick my other friend up who lives downtown and went to get a dub. This shit smelled a lot and I wasn't even thinking about hiding it. On our way out we see trash cans in the middle of the road which was confusing because we never even did it. The only ones in the car was me(driving) and my two friends who I picked up.

    So on the way home I decide to take a shortcut through the neighborhood and to drive past a friends house just because. We get around the corner and get to a stop sign and sure enough to the right was a police cruiser.

    They pull us over almost immediately and this big buff fucking black cop gets out and starts yelling a bit to me as hes walking up. He asked if we liked putting trash cans in the middle of the road and thought it was funny.

    I was freaking out at this point because the whole car smelled like weed, we stashed it in the glove box as they pulled us over (stupid) but it made the smell go away. He takes all of our ID's and walks back to his car and was there for what seemed like forever. We were just sitting there talking to eachother like nothing was wrong. He comes back to the car and gives us our ID's and tells us to go home. At this point I'm happy because we didn't get in trouble and as hes walking away he says:

    "And stop smoking weed it kills braincells"

    Then the car just drove off. We started laughing about it and went back to my house and got really high and pretty much ate my kitchen. My friends were saying I kept my cool when talking to him but my heart was racing. Good thing I live in California in a town where the only thing they really care about are hard drug dealers.:smoke:
  2. Lol you live in stockton bro, yeah man, cops aren't trippin about your dub lol.
    Glad to hear all is well.
  3. LOL hahahaha i think the fez knew u had weed but he's cool about it so he just let u off.
    wish cops around my hood was like tht T_T
  4. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to get one like that, but never cool enough to say "stop smoking weed, it kills braincells" Haha

  5. another stocktonian eh... yeah if the cops here hassle you over bud its bullshit
  6. How come your friends were knocking over trashcans?
    But yea-- clean break! Nice.
  7. It's just something we do maybe once a summer, its so fun though try it out some time.

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