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First Edible Experience.

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by amateurblazer, May 8, 2011.

  1. I am preheating my oven to 320F as we speak so I can make myself a firecracker. I am making one and I want to know what to expect. I used about .8g to make it. How long until I notice a difference. I am also about to come down from a previous smoking sesh. I used nutella or something like that.
  2. You'll know, maybe in about 20-30 minutes you'll feel something. Be prepared to be high for 4-5 hours or so (a long time). Have a great time :D

    Next time try using almond butter or peanut butter mixed with nutella.
  3. I am really excited, I am almost out of weed so I had decided to make an edible for tonight, so I can conserve and smoke tomorrow and go on a long t-break. It has 10 minutes left in the oven :D. I'm gonna down it with milk after I let it sit for 10 minutes.
  4. I just had the worst time of my life with these today. I'm actually still high.

    I did 2g of ABV weed on graham crackers with nutella. 320 F for 22 minutes.

    I was so high I had to lay down because I felt like I was going to puke. Usually edibles never work for me but today I became a believer.
  5. This reminds me of the time I smoked like 9 bowls, I was so high I didn't know what was going on and unless I layed still I would freak out. lol. I wish that happened every time, and going to sleep that night was amazing. I can't wait to experience this.
  6. I've been high for almost 7 hours. I even had a 3 hour nap in between.
  7. 2g is quite a lot people say .5g is all you really need, u might be high for another 8 hours, have fun :D
  8. My first ever experience with weed was with a Firecracker. It was a crazy good time and was a little high the next morning.

    Try writing stuff down when you're high, it's funny to read it when you come down.
  9. Haha, one more minute to go and I will be taking it out and let it cool down then imma be munchin that shit down and reporting back here once it hits me hard.
  10. 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours is usually the amount of time until my edibles hit me.
    After that, I feel pretty high for at least a 2 - 3 hours, then sort of wind down for the next hour or so.
    Overall, it's a great relaxing body-highish feeling.
  11. this tastes disgusting, lol last few bites to go nasty after taste so far yuck!
  12. edibles aint nothing to fuck wit
    watch yourself

    why do people trip on the taste of firecrackers? they're meh but it's only like 10 seconds and it's over
    they weren't bad at all when i started, but now that i've eaten em 20+ times i dread it
  13. I don't know if it's because I smoked like 2 hours ago or what but I feel like I am getting high again. I feel pretty relaxed and I dont feel like I wanna smoke like I did before I ate the firecracker. I have a feeling that I am not even close to the full effect yet. But when it does hit me, its gonna be great.
  14. here's how it usually goes for me
    30 mins - start getting all relaxed

    40 mins - start getting the spacy kind of mind high, very mild but noticeable

    60 mins - body starts feeling good i usually start to think i took to much at this point

    90 mins - feeling like your floating, full body high, full mind high perspectives change,
    sort of tripping on everything thought-wise body load is evident, limbs become all floppy peaks for about 3 hours
  15. I am about near te 40 min part. Kind of a mind high nothing too special, enjoyable relaxing, im just waiting for the part where it hits me really hard.
  16. Wish I was high :(
  17. yeah my experience has been more like Kojo's time line it wasn't taking full effect till the end of hour 2 and that next hour was strong then down a little for the next 2 or 3. I took a very small dose. first one burned too much for me to eat enought -this week ate one twice and was very interesting. tomorow night will be trying one I know had more weed in it and I made last week -I'm going to eat it earlier I think like at 4. I definately want to do it with others sometimes. hope you have fun.
  18. I love when someone tries to explain how they're feeling as time passes and then they just dissapear haha:smoke:
  19. I do not know what happened last night. All i remember was posting on grasscity then waking up at 12am and smoking a bowl and going back to bed. lol. I wish i would of stayed up a bit longer to experience the edible high a little better. Haha.
  20. Hahaa sounds like you had urself a good ol time. Remiinds me of the only time I had an edible, or should i say edibles. Did a little reading on it and fasted for 12 hours to get the full affect. Used an eigth of mk ultra in a half stick of butter. It made five cookies. Ate 2.5 and in a half hour said "wow what a waste of weed" So ate the rest. About 30 minutes after that still nothing so just smoked a full bong. Sat on my bed and was gonna play some games and just remember laying there looking at the cieling saying "OOOHHHH man I never thought id say this but im way too high!" Then started feeling sick and dizzy and went to sleep. No joke 8 hours after I woke up I swear I was still stoned. Still havnt eaten anything to this day but once this harvest comes ill be trying it agian, this time with some knowledge.

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