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  1. So I took 1 tab about 25 minutes ago. It's my first time, still not quite sure what to expect. I'm starting to feel a slight something, but I can't explain it. It's probably just a placebo. My pupils are quite large, though.

    I felt the need to share. Anything to say to a first time E user?
  2. Touch cool things
  3. If your pupils have dilated, I'm sure you are feeling something.

    Find fuzzy things to touch and feel, put on some good music, if you are alone rub one out.
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    Wow, this feels really good. My skin feels sensitive. It's cold in my house right now and it feels really good. My eyesight seems a bit fuzzy. I just read the thread about the guy shrooming and it made me feel really good. You guys were there to talk to him, that's really cool.

    the keys seem really loud when i type. i guess it's okay if i ramble here tonight.

    edit; i hope i don't get depressed tomorrow :(

    i wish i had someone her with me to discuss things with.
  5. i love you man....
  6. If your rolls were relatively pure, you shouldn't be feeling too bad tomorrow.

    Maybe just kinda...numbed out.

  7. yea. dude. your feeling it. haha.

    i send good vibes to you my friend. but you really should have done it with someone else (perferibly a girl) just not as fun alone.
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    Thanks for the reassurance man. I've got shit to do tomorrow haha.

    edit: i really like testing new drugs on my own, but i'll definitely have to do this again with someone else for the full experience.

    i really didn't do this for any kind of spiritual enlightenment or anything besides just seeing what the e hype was about, but now that i'm starting to feel it i hope that i can bring something productive out of this experience.
  9. you should be rollling fairly hard now. good vibrations wooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOoOooOOOOO00

    haha have fun dude
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    Thanks man. Sitting here listening to Bloc Party and laying on the floor, getting up occasionally to chat online and such.

    I think I need to pull myself away form the computer now. I'm going to go find somewhere neat to lay around. Maybe on the grass outside. Thanks for talking and sharing guys.
  11. dude. sounds amazing.

    but im telling you walk around barefoot in the grass.

    don't ask. just do.
  12. well i came back to the computer as i feel that the psychological effect of my experience is coming to an end. must have not been very strong, it only lasted ~3 hours. I can, however, still feel physical effects. I feel more sober minded but i still can't stop feeling the inside of my furry sweatshirt. It's cold outside, and I took off my socks and wandered around in the grass for a bit. the cold grass felt amazing in between my toes.

    but when i was laying in my room listening to music and humming to myself i stared to think about what dosage i should try next time. due to the inconsistency of ecstacy i don't think i would feel fully comfortable taking 2 tabs. what do you guys think? how about re-dosing? i was thinking next time i'm going to take some 5-htp for a few days before i roll and possibly have some marijuana on hand. i want to do it in a more social environment next time also.
  13. definitely do it around some ppl next time.

    and. well whenever i try a new roll and only do one. just to see how they are.

    just buy 2-3 next time, if they are different rolls then the ones you did tonight.

    then take one. go from there.

    i have heard good things about 5-htp but never tried it.

    just remember that x is nothing to play around with. don't do it more than once a month.
  14. Yeah, that makes sense. I think I'll get 3 of the same kind next time. Take 1 to test it, then 2 if needed the next. Plus I'd be set for a few months and wouldn't have to find any. :) Nice.

    What do you guys think about the length of this roll? Isn't 3 - 3 1/2 hours a bit short?
  15. yea. it is a bit short. to be honest. most rolls that are cut with meth usually end up being, well short rolls. like around 3 hours.
  16. but you'll be jittery as fuck
  17. Last night was my first night and i ran outsied in the 25 degree weather in a t-shirt at the absolute peak, and it was the most intensely insane experience ive ever had. It felt like the cold wind was enveloping every single pore in my body and connecting them all. it almost hurt tho. It was just too cold. But then walking around in socks on the carpet was intense so i took 1 sock off and was rolling 1 sock on 1 sock off walkin around for 2 hours.
  18. Haha!!. Good stories guys. I think im in love with E. My first time was last thursday (4 days ago) what a lovly time. I know you should wait at least 2 weeks between rolling for the seratonin in your brain to rebuild but fuck, that's a long time to wait. I smoked a couple bowls with a friend last night and was the highest Iv ever been in a while and then popped half a white transformer. I couldn't feel the pill and didn't even really want to do it in the fist place. Iv heard those transformers are loaded with meth, bleeh.

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