first dxm trip. a little help please.

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  1. i stoped taking 20mg lexapro feb 10th and its now the 16th. Thats 6 days sence i have not used it. do you know if thats long enough to wait ? Should i be ok to to do my first trip tonight or should i wait any longer ?

    also im kinda nervouse about doing it i dont want to od and end up killing myself. I weight about 180
  2. anybody ? lol

  3. A week sounds like enough time off lexapro. It takes a lot to overdose. I would say take about 300mg's of DXM. Make sure DXM is the only ingredient and you should be fine.
  4. thanks. well im off to cvs to grab the robo gel caps. hopefully i have a fun trip tonight. il update on status :D
  5. ok i got the gel caps. im nervous about taking 20 of these lol do i just start dowing a few at a time till i take 20, or should i gradualy take so many to see how it effects me. i hope 6 days is enough off the lexapro. Also how long till i notice the effects ? also anything i should be aware of like rapid heart beat sweats shit like that should i go to the er lol
  6. You will probably experience robo itch. Might want to keep the room cool. It will help you out. Yeah just down them at a comfortable pace. It will take an hour in a half to start working so just take them all and see what happens.
  7. First time? Don't just down them all at once. Take them slowly, but not too slowly. I've never done much with the Robotussin gel caps, but I'd say take 4 or 5 every 30 seconds to a minute. That's about the dose that I tell people that I'm introducing to DXM...

    Edit: This is if you don't have a strong stomach. If you are used to keeping down puke, then go ahead and down them all.
  8. im just about to eat dinner should i wait like an hour after i eat before i start taking them ? 20 of these ant gonna kill me is it ? lol
  9. Also, you're heart rate will increase. Don't worry about it. Just trip like on anything else. Tell yourself its just your head and you'll be fine. Easier to freak out on DXM than most other stuff, but you know what you are doing. There's no reason to, haha.

    If worse comes to worse, just lay down under warm blankets and close your eyes. It feels so good.
  10. If they are robo gel caps, no not at all. Well definitely not. And you probably should wait after you eat. Its better even to eat them on a fairly empty stomach, so don't stuff yourself.
  11. 1. first things first .... 'chill' helps man trust me, when i didnt chill, i got robo itch and i thought i was on fire... not a party
    2. keep an empty stomache if you can help it it doesnt affect it too much tho man

    3. take 10 of them
    4. once you have the effects of that take the rest...

    5. enjoy ur trip

    6.tell us how it goes
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    10 is only 150 mg.

    Depending on your weight is the amount you should take.

    But yeah, chilling is important. And you probably will get bored with stuff quickly (at least I do), prepare stuff to do, haha.

    The empty stomach will help a lot because it will kick in faster and harder. Not too hard to handle, but just will go normal. I find that if I eat beforehand, my trip is like a rollercoaster, going up and down a lot.
  13. ^ true, 10 would PROBLABLY give you a noticeable change though, it did for me
  14. Oh yeah, of course it will.

    Well it just depends on how you want to feel. 10 will give you a body high and slight mind alteration, 20 will probably get you to the point where you feel sorta drunk and high at the same time, making it a lot more fun.
  15. well im about 180 so i figure should i take like 10 see how that goes for a while then take 10 more. or just gradualy take 20? cause im not sure 10 will do anything at my weight. well im done eating so im gonna wait about an hour. Im starting to chill out just being nervous on a drug ive never done before i guess. im gonna start taking them around 7ish
  16. agreed 100%
  17. Well if you let your stomach settle, 10 will make you feel something. It will make you hella happy.

    But if you gradually take 20, you'll feel so much.

    But also, if you are nervous, and think you may be nervous on the drug, you should only do what you want, otherwise your trip could go bad because of paranoia. Haha.

    Happened to me a lot.

    According to Dextroverse, if you want to get to the second plateau, you should go with 20 (that will give you a "drunk and high" feeling, with a mental and physical high). If you want first plateau, 10 is just fine. Its just not as strong.
  18. let us know how it goes man :)
  19. Yes please do.

    Main rules for DXM: Chill, be cool, don't worry.

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