First DWC setup, temperature questions

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  1. Hey guys. i grew a few plants on soil before indoors getting pretty ok results around 1g/w dry so now i want to move on to DWC.

    I'm following a Bubbleponics guide and i have nearly everything set up

    I will be growing 2 plants in a 80cmx80cmx160 tent.
    My setup:
    -Quantum board LED 100-250w (Meanwell driver) Samsung Diodes.
    -120liters reservoir
    -Aquarium chiller for 150liters (i used to be an aquarium guy so i got stuff laying around :) )
    -600l/h pump on that chiller
    -2 air pumps giving 130Liters/hour each so 260 total.
    -Big flat air stones 13cm diameter
    -120w cooker hood motor for air refreshing (pulling out) wich does 400m³/hour(stepdown to 180 possible)

    Now i was wondering what the ideal temp for my reservoir is, i currently set it on 20c (72F?)
    everything ins installed on a attic where was free space (semi stealth)
    Question number 2: It can get rather hot if i run my LED at full power, getting around 30c under the LED, will this affect my growth if i keep my root temperature stable at 20c?

    Thanks in regards.
  2. Additional information: Im running continious PH + temp measurements (industrial meter) and will check EC with cheap milwaukee meter.

    Nutrients i will be using all Plagron Hydro line nutrients

    My first grow will also be my first non-autoflower grow. i will be growing Super lemon haze (greenhouse) Or Critical Kush (barney's farm)
  3. If your plant is too hot the upper leaf's fold up like a envelope .
    You don't have to worry about the roots because you have a chiller ,
    But you might run into condensation issues if you chill your water to much and you have hi humidity ..
  4. Thanks for the answer, i'm currently doing testruns on max power. humidity seems rather low at the moment, around 40% in the tent. i guess i'll just have to power down my LEDs if room temp is to hot... downside of growing on an attic i guess.
  5. So with all that humidity in the attic what you think that moisture is going to do to the house.
    It will swell the wood . most likely have mold and fungi issues . maybe even get Black mold .
    Don't fight heat and humidity .
    High humidity makes heat .
    Drop the humidity and you drop the heat ..

    You need ventilation …. vent hot humid air out and suck cool dry air in .
    You might need to use a A/C unit .
    t cools and dries the air .
  6. Your plants need X amount of light regardless of heat or humidity
  7. The attic is fully isolated and is actually our old bedroom. my cooker hood ventilation is blowing directly outdoors trought a hole i made, it is never really humid in the room(never had humidity issues when growing on soil there). i usually even use a humidifier to boost my humidity while vegging. i have a mobile AC unit if really needed, but im afraid it would make the cost/efficiency so negative that i should move it to another place (none available atm).
  8. I also grow in an 80cm x 80 tent and I use bubbleponics with a chiller.

    Keep your DWC water between 65 and 67. Keep your canopy temperatures below 84 degrees. PH is one of the most important things you have to do to your water you already familiar with that and you're looking for somewhere in the range of 5.8 let it fluctuate a few points either way before correcting. Keep your humidity close to 50% when flowering 60% when vegging and start planning for your drying Harvest because it takes lower temperatures and semi low humidity to do it right.

    Locate the vapor pressure chart and try to do that. I get kind of close.

    Good luck and happy growing.
  9. Nice to see someone with familair setup! Im thinking of insulating my reservior where possible to keep the temp more stable inside, perhaps some reflective tape on the lid aswell. i would love to see some pics of ur setup tho!
  10. Definitely insulate your Reservoir or even use an ice chest as an already insulated Reservoir. You need to invest in some beneficial for your water unless you're going to go with hydrogen peroxide every couple of days. If you decide to go beneficial I highly recommend great white shark Myco.

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