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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Beasty_Bud, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. Hi all, posted this in micro grows but not sure if that's the right place, (also getting no attention in that section haha)

    So I've finally got round to building my grow space, I needed something small and stealthy as I didnt want a big black tent in my bedroom, also want to harvest atleast 6 ounce every 3 months which is gonna be a push in such a small space.

    I'll stop rambling and get to the good bits.

    Grow Area
    Diy Stealth Grow closet (pictures to follow)

    2x QB288 Quantum Boards (3000K)
    Will be used in a series connected to a hlg-240h-c2100b driver still waiting for this in the post should arrive by the 15th.
    Is this enough light for my space?

    DWC System
    2 x 10L DWC Buckets,
    2 airstones in each bucket.
    Drip feeder

    Clay Pebbles
    Im going to germinate in wet paper towels then place in rockwool and put in the clay pebbles once enough roots emerge.

    General Hydroponics Trio, (FloraBloom, FloraGro and Flora Micro)
    Plant Magic Magne Cal+
    (any additional reccomendations will be much appreciated)

    Currently waiting for Barneys Farm,

    Odour Control
    I have installed a 4" Carbon Filter
    Also have a 4" intake, for air flow
    I will be adding a escalating fan to increase stem strength.

    Im Going to use low stress training and a scrog net to get an even canopy and maximise my yeild.

    Initially I was going to grow both lsd and tangie at the same time however I'm thinking of growing the auto along side the tangerines dream and vegging it for an extra week then flip to 12/12 when I cut the auto down, what's people thoughts on this?

    If I've missed anything let me know. Also photos will be posted when I'm home tonight.

    Thanks in advance guys!

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  2. Illegal state? Reason i ask is i would only confine myself like that if it is?

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  3. Indeed I'm in the UK brother haha
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  4. Quite a few on here! Man sucks u lads got to still do that. I am in cali and we can grow weed in the back seat of our cars lol.
    My summer journal

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  5. Love the setup. GH is okay, I have used Advanced but after further internet exploring and reading commercial growers nutes comparison I would go with cyco nutes. However, it is a lot easier to get nute lock if not careful. Are you using hydro guard and enzymes to protect roots and eat dead roots?

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  6. I know mate, it really does suck.

    Also GZB - cheers man it's finally all coming together, I've read into a few bits myself now and I think I'm goin for the Lucas method for my first grow then tweak nutrients as needed I don't have a ppm meter so I'm hoping using the Lucas method will help me around buying one, already spent too much this last week getting everything sorted, I was planning on using hydrogaurd but won't be able to buy any till the 1st september now as I'm skint till payday. Will I need to start my grow with this or CA N I add it at a later date?
  7. There is a cheaper bacteria to use then hydro bud. I used API Stress Zyme. This is my opinion but I would not start the grow without some type of beneficial. Personal experience here, I didn’t started mine with hydro or anything and the dreaded root rot struck me and my second grow. It was a fing nightmare to get rid of but I found an effective treatment. I will never start my next grow without it. When roots die for some reason or another get API POND Zyme sludge destroyer . Total cost for both 28 bucks. I want you to have a successful grow is all.

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  8. If you were in USA, I would give you mind. I am going to be doing a run in super soil wick hydro in September. I need to grow my medicine with little intervention as possible due to wife and work demands

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  9. No worries mate, sounds good let me know when it's started and I'll watch your post, also what would be the best root nutrient to buy? Hydrogaurd being the most popular, any others I should considered buying don't mind paying for nutes because they will last a few harvests and will help my babies,
    Also when starting in bubble buckets from seed what would you say is the best practise? Thanks again
  10. I like roots excelurator gold and super thrive. Use sledgehammer or a mineral breakdown to help keep roots happy. Also, something I learned is that Ph fluxes with a lot of o2. When I was having issues with the rot I added a lot of air stones but realized the ph swinged a lot. If you want my hydroguard and some pond Zyme just pay for shipping. I am not going to use it for a while and will probably go bad. I know it sounds like scam but to be honest I want to help others avoid my mistakes. It’s up to you.

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  11. Start them in the buckets with rapid rooters

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  12. Just clean out the liquid when you are done. Once the roots close to the water then fill up the buckets

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  13. I can see through the opening in the middle of the doors. It need to be completely light proof in there. If any light at all is allowed to penetrate, your girls won’t flower.
  14. Sounds good to me thank you for all this mate! And if you can pm your address Ill look up shipping cost but if not Ill just go the grow shop, thanks a bunch man.

    Also thatguy I know man thank you, I have a bit of tape which will go down the middle and hopefully block the light, I've light proofed all the corners including the doors but I'm going to properly light proof once the light arrives. :)
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  15. 1 week since being planted

    Temp: 75f
    Humidity: 65%

    Barneys Farm Pineapple express auto - seems a bit slow on growth, I expect it to be smaller than the LSD as its an auto flower, but doesn't seem to be much growth.
    20180822_183245.jpg 20180822_183241.jpg

    Barneys Farm LSD - growing nice and quickly unsure if she is stretching a little though? Does she look healthy? Been watering regularly and checking on twice a day staying steady around 5.8 - 6 with tiny adjustments.
    20180822_183230.jpg 20180822_183235.jpg
    How are they both looking?
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  16. Little stretch on the one but all and all they look good

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  17. How
    How Can I stop the stretch on it?
  18. How far is your light? I have had this problem before. I would just support them until they can hold their own

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  19. It was at 21 inches I've just moved it up to 17inches though what would you recommend?
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  20. What type of light are you using?

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