First DWC Grow w/ Clones - Cant diagnose some issues.

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    What's up guys, long time lurker here, first time posting.
    This is my first grow ever, and went with the DWC (Which I am loving by the way!)
    I made the whole setup for about $20, white widow clones were free but needed some TLC.
    Summary of my setup(I had to do with what I had for this weeks being, have to wait on my work check):
    1. 400W MH right now for veg, got a 400W HPS for flowering later on but will probably switch to a 1000W\t
    2. I try to give them fresh air daily.\t
    3. I do have a small fan blowing on them\t
    4. 20 Gallon tub\t
    5. 1 long airstone for now, adding another in a day or two\t
    6. Water filled up to about an inch of the net pots\t
    7. Using Tap water and vial pH testing but it's still around 7.0~ \t
    8. PPM: Unknown\t
    9. No nutes in the water yet(Buying these also in a day or two)\t
    10. Current room temp: 78-80F\t
    11. Current water temp in tub: Unknown but if it feels too warm I usually throw a few ice cubes in it.\t
    12. Light is a bit over 2 feet from plants(I'm not sure how close to put it honestly)\t
    13. Transplanted them from my guys clone dome directly into my DWC, this is the 3rd day in my setup but they are already looking way better than when I first got them but I hate the fact that I may lose a couple.
    Here are some pictures, the two plants in the cup I made them into a bit of a hempy bucket style, not sure if they are going to make it or not, they were pretty bad when I first got them but the roots are still growing inside the rockwool so it gives me some hope cause they are still really white
    The big tall one idk what the hell it's doing, it's literally just stretching rapidly.
    Majority of the plants have signs of clawing down which I believe is a nitrogen issue
    but I haven't even given them any nutes.
    I've looked at tons of diagnosing lists but I can't pin point the exact issues.
    Some stems are purple, not sure if it's a strain genetic though, no purple at the base so I don't
    believe it's root rot. 
    Can any DWC experts chime in on some tips or issues I should take care of immediately?
    Thanks guys for any input, I'm excited to actually get in this and hopefully be able to help other DWC growers down the road as I don't see myself going with another setup.
    NOTE: Not all the clones are the same age I presume && Sorry for the shitty image quality.


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  2. you really need a ppm/tds tester. get a cheapo thermometer. 
    I see you have not enough Cal/Mag. 
    purple, clawing, Cal/Mag
    Ph is on the high side, drop it 6.0

    follow your topic so you get notifications when ppl post.
  3. If you're interested in growing hydroponics two things are a must-do.
    Must do good meters (Bluelab are the best imo) and a way to chill the reservoir nutrients.

    You MUST keep the nutrients between 65-68*F or you're going to have nothing but problems within a DWC system.

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