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    Ok fellas(sorry and ladies:wave:) this is my first ever grow and I'd say I'm about 2 months into veg.

    The rundown: Jiffy peat pellets, mid/regs bagseeds, hydrofarm seedling heat mat, HappyFrog potting soil, hydroton,2 5-gal bucket setupwith airstone and all necessitie etc., GH PH drop test kit, 4ft 54w x4 HO T5, Europonic Fossil Fuel, GH FloraNova Grow 7-4-10, GH FloraNova Bloom 4-8-7 10-30gal dual outlet Aqua Culture air pump split between the 2 DWC.

    So at this point they both look pretty healthy except for the fact that one morning when I went to check them out the light was literally resting on top of one. The result was a few burnt leaves nothing to serious I hope. They are each about a foot tall, although one is way more dense than the other.

    My growspace is 4'x1.5'x8'. My main concerns are what lighting I should use for flowering and will I be able to use this space for both veg and bloom? Maybe use from the floor to 3 feet up and splitting it and using the other 5 feet up to the cieling for flowering using either a 250w or a 400w hps?(which one do you think is necessary?). Advice and helpful info is appreciated so any OG's advice out there is appreciated..thanks..1.
  2. Sounds good man. got any pics ?
  3. None I actually need to get a camera. As soon as I get one I will post some pics.

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