first dubbler smoooth phire double showerhead *VID*

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    only ever bought glass pipes and bongs, and the rest in my earlier years were all homemade pieces. so i finally decided i need a nice compact well diffused water piece. saw this dubbler at my LHS when looking to pick up this cheap halo AC. the guy said he'd throw in the AC for free after i was looking at this bub. walked out with it all for $140. it's 18mm glass on glass, and has 2 8-slit large shwerhead downtubes.

    got it up in 720 with an OK framerate so you can see the bubbles nicely with a quick milk. this thing is smooooooooooth. best piece i think i could have got for the price from a headshop.

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    looks good for the price
    nice find OP
  3. I like the foot of this bubbler ... pretty good price for a double bubbler too. Enjoy man. :smoking:
  4. I have the same bubbler for my oil dome, i use way less water though.
  5. Take the whole bowl next time :smoke:

    jk, nice piece
  6. hahaha, i should have! i've taken some fat ones on this guy, but that was some recycled bud also. just shows the amount i hit per for how thick the smoke was.

    yeah, the base on it is nice and solid. i also typically use less, i had just run to the sink to fill it for the shot.

    i'm just in love with this thing, the strong diffusion with the tall main chamber makes some nice stacking happen :D

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