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    I feel ya. I had another oops and a top broke while training, but good news is it is dense as fuck when it dries. Very happy about that.
    Ok, so two things I forgot to mention
    1. when I went to flush, I found that my ppms were up to 3000. I saw it saying 300 and then saw the x10 flashing. Was what was happening to my plants nut burn?
    2.Everything I found online indicates to a 7-8 week flower period. I am just getting my first signs of purple and I am 9 weeks in. Crystals still look clear in my opinion.
  2. Today was the last day of the chop. I have 1/4 of the screen that I cut down five days ago, (dried in 4 days) curing in the cabinet at the moment. I have 1/2 of the screen drying in the tent. The other quarter I just took pics of and here they are. Now I'm going to go back to trimming ^^

  3. That purp looks good bro. I wish I could sit down and match bowls with ya.

    Congrats on the harvest!
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    Only some of it turned purple. Its funny, it looks purple now, but the nuggets that looked like that (purple) when dry dont look purple due to crystal content :D Unfortunately you do have to look through the bag for that purple nug.

    But ya, it smells good.

    I'll get back to ya with a dried, cured weight.
  5. How can anyone hate this plant that we love so much?
  6. good progress brother.... those nugs look super frosty. Anticipating on smell and taste after cure!
  7. 106.6 grams dried. After deshaking and curing I predict around 3.5 oz
  8. +rep
    3.5 oz is a nice haul.

    I'd give you REAL rep, but grasscity is being all nazi about my repping.
  9. Looking good bro! Nice to see some LED's in action!
  10. alright, next cycle, Flood and Drain with the same tent, same fan, same light. Six babies SOG. I'm waiting for the club to import some high yielding indicas.
    The next post will contain pictures of the babies.
  11. Awwww yeah baby, FT101 is back!

    I've been lonely around here lately, bro!

    How have you been?
  12. ALright GC, Here We Go!

    The Lovely Ladies, Purple Sour Diesel




    The Fan And Light Setup (Still 180W Led, Combo of Blue, Red, UV, Infrared, bought here: 180w LED Grow Light - 3w USA Brand LEDs (Hope GC is ok with me posting the link, email me if I need to take it down)


    And the Flood and Drain Setup


    For the first four days I only gave them water at pH 4.5. Then I fed with General Hydroponics (Green, Red, Pink) 1 tsp per gallon of each along with 2 tsp per gallon of Hygrozyme. 575-600 ppm. Fed at pH 5.5. My buddy is a grower and is feeding me this "recipe" if you will. So all these are not my decisions, just following directions from a "more experienced grower." Flooding for 15 min every day 30 min after the light comes on.Fans are on 24/7. Light is on 18/6 vegging cyclse. This is day 2 of nutrients which makes us 6 days in.
  13. Looking good FT

    Are you using a chiller on your rez?

    Those girls are going to grow faaaaast...
  14. No chiller. Think they would benefit from it? I thought it was only DWC where you needed cold water. The water does stay around 70 - 75 degrees anyway. And I am smart enough to have air stones constantly aerating the water and stirring the nutes so they don't settle.

  15. Good question. I know you need it for DWC but I'm unsure otherwise.

    Good call with the airstone. I do know that cooler water holds more oxygen too :)

    I'm eager to see how it goes:hello:. Im kind of hydro gun shy since trying DWC (w/o a chiller) and having to do an emergency transplant into soil.
  16. Ya, I hope I'll be ok with this setup. I'm just not a fan of how my friend is instructing me to do it. I believe we are overwatering and at the wrong ph. From what I know hydro operates best between 5.7 - 6.3. We are keeping it at 5.3. I also believe the growing medium should only be watered when dry. Due to the LED light, the rockwool stays wet for 4-5 days, so why are we watering 3 times a day....
  17. I wish I could help... I really got no smarts in this department, bro :(
  18. I posted the question in a new thread and I got 5.5 - 6.1 is the proper hydro ph so 5.5 is good. Also Apparently I should only be watering when dry so I screwed up these babies...

  19. So long as they are alive, they can recover, I would bet... unless the rockwool is the culprit. Then you'd probably want to cut the rockwool away and replant in hydroton?

    I dunno, just a thought.
  20. I do not believe the rockwool is the issue. I think it's that my friends really doesn't know what he's doing and just listens to his dad. Some of the things he says have tipped me off to his lack of knowledge, for example:

    "dont let your pH wander too much, it will shock them. If you're at 5.3 keep it there."

    "Its hydro, you cant overwater"

    So yes, I believe they will recover. I am going to water around 5.7 from now on. and I am only going to water when the rockwool feels dry-ish. So that will mean I'll probably flood once a week or so. He runs a 600w hps so I could imagine with that multiple waterings per day...

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