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  1. Must have a shit ton of laundry! :confused_2: :laughing:
  2. lol here ya go

  3. Got some wierd stuff goin on right now.... The ends of the newest complete leaves look burnt and shriveled. I am waiting until tomorrow to see what happens. My roomate says he forgot to turn on the AC til 11:30 but that only brought the temp up to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. I don't think it would have damaged them that much. Pictures tomorrow.

  4. Not sure what is causing the burnt and shriveled leaves, but as far as 86F, thats not nearly enough to cause damage. I run my tent, with lights on, at about 83F. I dont have any other heating/ cooling equip(besides basic ventilation) so It gets up to 88 or 90 some days and its been fine for me.
  5. I didn't think it was the light. maybe some kind of deficiency? and the soil also feels dry so I think I'm going to water them with straight water again.
  6. I had something similar and I think I just clipped the diseased looking leaves and moved on. Might not be the same thing. Also I noticed my leaves turn weird brown colors when I accidentally splash nute solution on them.
  7. These leaves aren't more than 6 days old and the only thing I've watered with since then is water. I update every time I water. In fact I just watered tonight, pH 6.3. And I checked their runoff ppm and its 350, so I don't think they are getting too much nutrients...

    But definitely clipping these leaves.
  8. Hit that switch whenever you want bro! You could let it go longer if you wanted to or just flip to 12/12.
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    I'm going to wait for their feeding schedule. I need to water with plain water once more to get the flush effect. Then I'll flip the switch one day before the watering after that and during that water I'll give them flower nutes. Sound good? I was told flip the switch one day then water them the next. With the LED I water once every 3-4 maybe 5 days.

    EDIT: To make it simple, In 1-2 days, three at most I'll water them again to get their runoff ppms down to 100 or so. Then in 4-5, maybe 6 days I'll hit them with flower nutes the day after I hit the switch.
  10. Sounds good to me bro!
  11. so everyone I've talked to (mostly at my local club) has said that it looks like I spilled water on the leaf and the light burned it off. This is possible but I believe I have a better proposition. I have been noticing that water gathers on a leaf that has another laying directly on part of it (like the perspiration is not evaporating). Solution: more air flow. So now I have a little 6 in fan stirring up the air beneath the screen. I am relying on the exhaust fan to keep the air flow going in an upward direction. Anyone know more than me about air flow dynamics? Any insight?
  12. Alrighty guys, I'm an impatient bastard. Since their runoff ppms were only 250 or so last time I watered, I fed them and hit the switch. As of tomorrow at 6 am they will have had their first 12/12 day. Whose as excited as I am? I'm going back to GM's post to reread the flowering stage.
  13. Oh, and WB, Beeze, how long into flowering would you recommend training these babies? They are supposed to be 7-8 week flowerers, and mostly indica. I was thinking about letting them be after four weeks.

  14. Alright buddy. Here is where the fun begins! Lets see how these babies stretch up and fill out that screen! So are you tying them down to keep an even canopy or just moving to a different screen cell to achieve desired height...?

    I know with LST, my girl aint never getting let up. Tied down till I chop her down and pluck her delicate flower morsels. As for scrog, I haven't the foggiest, sorry bro.
  15. Just been moving screen cells. Its staying pretty even. Should I try tying them down as they stretch to keep them lower or just keep moving em?
  16. I think I would get it to a cell where I want it and then let it grow a few inches above the screen and then tie it back down to the level you want (I would think maybe an inch above the screen), repeat. If it gets to the point to where you cant bring it any lower, then move cells and tie down there I guess...

    Not sure if any of that is worth a damn, but it sure sounds like it would work - in my head anyway.
  17. Yeah I would say four weeks or less... Maybe even around two weeks with a indica dominate. Its hard when you haven't run the strain before to positively know when to stop training. When you see the "stretch" slowing down, stop training. Just gotta play it by ear!

    Here's a good thread to have bookmarked - The Complete guide to Sick Plants,pH, and Pest troubles! - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums
  18. Gotcha, so at the beginning of the down slope on the bell curve of growth.
    And bookmarked. Good lookin WB
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    First Day after Trigger (so technically Day 2?)
    76.8 Degrees Fahrenheit
    44% Relative Humidity


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