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  1. Baint has me curious...
  2. The name? All my auto teachers in the past referred to bent components as being "baint." Basically bent with a southern accent.

    Or the yellowing? Lack of nitrogen is my suggestion. My ph pen got wet so I had to take the batteries out and put it where it would dry, etc. That watering cycle I was unable to ph their water correctly and I believe its a lack of nitrogen from the ph being too high.
  3. Quick update. Still feeling the soil after the transplant monday and its still very moist. They are greener, healthier, and responding very well. Almost no shock from transplant and topping. I need to get a screen going quick
  4. another quick update. tried shrooms for the first time last night. waaaay different than I thought.

    On the subject of plants, they are happily growing. I watered them with plain water, not exactly sure when but apparently it takes about 5 days for the soil to dry. I got the screen built with 2x2 squares. It is 12 in above the pots. I think I need to top them again soon. When you top a second time, do you only top the most top "bud" or do you top all the tops?
  5. Cool! I'm watching! :wave:
  6. First off, thank you for coming waterboy (still love ya beeze ^^). I need more of an audience so I will be motivated to show pictures of the girls after their 12 day trim (supposed to be 10 day but as you guys can see I missed the mark ><).





  7. I know :)

    btw lookin good. Just because Im not scrogging doesn't mean I dont want to. I will live vicariously through your scrog...
  8. Fed them friday night. 2 tsp/gal of hygrozyme and then did a half strength solution of what gh recomends for drain to waste hydroponics (on their website). it came out about 400 ppm. pictures coming soon
  9. Just fed again. Next time I'm going to water them with just water. But anyway, 5 weeks into veg, topped twice, trimmed twice, what do ya think gc? look good? Flip to flower? Any suggestions?

  10. This is looking really good, Future! Not sure when you should flower, but I hope its soon since thats the fun time!!
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    Thanks, and I can't wait, but I don't wanna jump the gun like GM was talkin about. And do you think I should get rid of some of the bottom branches? I'm starting to doubt that they will reach the screen, in such case they should be gotten rid of, right?

    and I just realized I forgot a whole screen shot, brb with one.

  12. Keep fillin 'er up! This is what my screen looked like about a week before the flip.


    Don't trim off anymore, hopefully some of those will help fill the screen bit more. The long veg time is the worst part about a scrog, but that's what equates to larger yields in smaller spaces! :wave:
  13. Do you guys think that I can leave them in the 3 gallon pots if I veg em longer? From what I know you need a gallon of pot/month. If I veg for 4 weeks (one month) and then flower for 8 weeks (2 monts), then I've used up my pot. I'm already 2 weeks over/behind....
  14. I don't have any experience with the plastic containers... I run either fabric pots or airpots so I don't get root bound. My last grow was done in either 2 or 3 gallon smarties and this grow they are in 3.4 gallon airpots.

    Sorry can't help much with those containers! :confused_2:

  15. An experienced grower friend of mine said I need 1 gallon per foot of plant. Of my first 2 plants, Jade was 26" and Lalla was 30"

    What I did (not saying it was right)
    Jade: at about 1.5" tall I transplanted her into the 3 gallon pot that she finished in, 107 days or 3.5 months[52 day veg, 55 day flower] (my first month was super slow :( )

    Lalla: at 1.5" tall transplant to 3 gallon pot, finished in 125 days or about 4.16 months [52 day veg 73 day flower]

    Perhpas I would have gotten more vertical growth if I had put them in a 5 gallon, but in all honesty Im glad I kept them shorter.

    Hope this helps
  16. So I think I'll be safe in 3 gallons. It does help, thank you :hello:
  17. Just watered them again. Straight water, no nutes. pH of 6.4.
  18. How they looking? Growing a bunch?
  19. yes, will definitely post pictures when I'm done with laundry. Screen is starting to fill :hello:

  20. ahem...:p

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