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  1. Having your system with no In or out vents (totally contained) is what is referred to as a "perfect room".

    There are some different approaches to this, and most people who do it, have a CO2 system with a meter to read the PPM. Their system also responds to that reading and releases CO2 if it drops to a certain PPM. Ideal PPM is like 1500. The natural air just floatin around has 200-300.

    My question is this: Without a way to regulate your co2 PPM, what is your plan?

    Explanation of the question:

    You have a a loop system driven by an inline fan of some sort. Inside the loop there is some Dry Ice. I get the approach of bringing the hot tent air through the Dry Ice chamber and give it a little freshening up. Here is where I dont know the numbers, scientifically, but, you could potentially get in trouble here. I dont know how much PPM that is going to put into your system, but you have a chamber with dry ice that is melting (releasing co2), and a fan constantly blowing that oxygen enriched with co2 into your tent. You might get your levels way too high and you can stunt growth.

    It might not be at a level where its an issue, but it might be. Just thinking you should maybe check it out.
  2. I see, so there is no way around getting a ppm meter. (which unfortunately are expensive) I just thought since it was just dry ice and not compressed co2 I wouldn't reach any critical levels, just enough to boost plant growth.
  3. Well, its frozen co2, that you will be blowing hot air on, so Im just guessing that it will be evaporating at a decent rate.

    Like I said, Im not sure if it will reach unhealthy levels, but you should find out before its too late.
  4. I wouldnt do it yet. start simple then slowly add more variables and toys as you get more experienced with each grow. No need to rush. Shit gets expensive quick
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    Ya, I've already been steered clear. Thank you guys for helping. Anyway, I moved the light a little closer, it is probably 18" away now. They looked a little droopy and darker green so I took it as a early warning sign of overwatering and decided to let them go without water today. The soil below the surface still felt damp. No big news. I'm trying to decide whether or not to start venting through my wall though. I live in an apartment and am concerned about smell or noise to the neighbors. I do have a Phresh filter, but don't know how well it works yet.
  6. If new growth is all a dark green with no lightening near the stem your pretty close to nut burn. A little more and you could burn it. I like to have a little lightness near the stem. Nitrogen specifically gets yours leaves dark green.

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    First off, thanks for the lesson on the hyperlinking, I'll adjust it after this post. EDIT: Wow, they make it really easy....

    Second, I'm pretty sure its just overwatering because they are a darker green at the edges but near the veins and the stem are lighter green. And I've watered them the first two days and the soil was still wet last night. I'll post pics tonight so you can see what I see.
  8. Not sure how often you regularly water them, but here is my schedule, and so far, has turned pretty well. I just wish you guys could smell the grape.. anway, my watering schedule:

    I am using TechnaFlora Nutrients and with soil, the feeding chart calls for feed, water, water.. repeat. Simple enough. But how often? I have a calendar for this that I write down everything I do, in regards to watering, transplanting, feeding... anything that I need to remember, or mark an important date.

    So in this little example, lets start on a Sunday, and its a feeding day. I stick my finger into the soil (near the edge as to not disturb roots), about an inch deep. If it feels wet, I leave it for the next day. But in this study, the dirt is dry, so its time to feed. Good to go. Watering done. The SOONEST I will be watering the plant will be Wednesday. Now if you check your plant on Tuesday and it feels dry, you probably didn't use enough food/water. Personally, unless I thought the plant was going to die in 1 day (that would be bad), I would still wait until Wednesday to water. If you withhold a bit, they get deeper roots that are seeking out water.

    Nothing but love and some attention. I just love spending time with them, even just sitting and staring. Its good a way to raise the CO2 ppm of your room. I check for signs of stress and such.

    More love and attention

    There are 2 possibilities with Wednesday
    1. The soil is dry to the point that I feel it needs water.
    2. The soil is almost dry but not quite dry yet. You feel it can go another day. In this scenario, I wait and water the next day.

    Just some :love: :wave:

    Love and attention

    Depending on which option you chose for wednesday and also the current moisture level of the soil, you might water today, tomorrow, or even Monday.

    So basically, I feed or water on the 3rd or 4th day. The weeks can get jumbled so thats why i have to use a calendar.

    Depending on plant size, amount you water, heat of the room, lights you are running, size of the container and even more, can effect this. Also, marijuana plants do better with under watering, than over watering. I remember in my research early on someone said that "When most people kill their babies from over watering, it wasn't from watering too much, but instead too often."Not suggesting that you see how much you can deprive them of, but drowning them is a quick way to kill your baby.

    Maybe this system will work for you. Maybe it wont. Maybe you adapt it to something that works for you, and produce potent medicine.
  9. First off, you're awesome Beeze.
    Ya, so I was right not to water yesterday. Smaller pots will retain less water right? Either way, I really like that finger trick ^^
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    So here are the pics I promised, Sorry they aren't the best. But I think they illustrate that the plants have been over watered. The curling leaf is my tell-tale sign. I felt the soil and think they can go one more day without being watered. They were mostly dry but one in particular felt moist and because of that I think there is more water under the surface.
    I am kinda concerned about underwatering though...
    Any thoughts GC?

  11. 4-6 oz of water again tonight. Soil felt dry and it had been two days and the pots are small.
  12. Watered last night. They seem to be responding well. They have perked back up and watering every other day seems to be the trick. I realized that the water that comes out of the bottom of the pot evaporates over the course of the night. They seem a little moist about an inch down, so I'll check again tomorrow.

    Peace GC
    Happy smokin'
  13. Watered again today. Will probably transplant tomorrow, and that means pics!
  14. Doin well, FT! Yeah once you transplant into bigger pots, you will be watering more each time but less frequently. It makes things a big easier, for me anyway :)
  15. Sweet. I wasn't sure if they would need more frequent or less frequent, but now I have the answer. So now like once every 3 or 4 days probably. The temperature has been 74 F - 82 F. A little hot but not bad.

  16. I know if you run HID's you want it to be about 72 F, but I've seen in many places that you want higher ambient temperature with LED grows- 83 F.

    I try to keep mine between 79 F - 84 F, with lights on. I've come home on some warm days and it was in the low 90's. I think I saw 93 F, and I freaked. Plants didn't seem to care. A tropical plant likes hot weather.... whodathunkit
  17. I am for mid to high seventies, but obviously it isn't always attainable. Anyway, sorry for being a ghost guys, some things changed in my life and it required adjusting. Anyway, I wound up topping them wednesday, the 20th. I also watered them too. Anyway, two look perky, two look a little sad. Hopefully pics soon. Once again, sorry guys.

  18. I would think there is a somewhat wide temperature range where MJ would grow, but of course, it peaks at a certain temperature, and that is what we are all trying to achieve.

    Topping a plant changes it so much. Its amazing what happens after :)
  19. Haha, I can't wait to actually scrog. gotta get the screen going this weekend. But alas, I deprived them of nitrogen I believe, they are all a little light. Going to a lime color. Pics are coming, I'm taking them right now.
  20. Here we go!





    The Rig

    If anyone has questions regarding their names I'll gladly explain, but not going to unless someone will dedicate the time to read what I type.

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