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  1. I guess I'll start by finally documenting my previous two grows.

    Grow #1
    I build a 2 ft x 4 ft box out of 2x8s and plywood. I had a 400w hps with the ballast built into the light, it was horrible. Basically heat got trapped in the box so I had to leave it open all night (when the light was on) to keep heat down although it still got above 90 on a regular basis. I replaced my light in this grow to my current light, a 180w led. I was running DWC with recirculating top feed in a storage box from home depot with just the base flora series. It had two bathroom exhaust fans which moved enough air for the volume of the box but not enough for the heat. Anyway, those first six yeilded a little above or below 2 ounces. It was three orange crush plants, two grape apes, and one bubba kush.

    Grow #2
    I ditched the box and built a tent out of pvc pipe and poly paper. I was using a 6in booster inline fan (not the impeller type). Same light, same grow setup except I used many more nutrients including hygrozyme. It was six Pineapple Thai plants. Everything went fine til I flipped the switch to flowering and unfortunately left the water on that night and drowned the roots with the top feed. Due to this mistake i only yeilded 2.5 oz.

    Current/ Future Grow
    I just ordered my Growlab GL80 grow tent which is 2'7"x2'7" by six feet tall but that really doesn't matter because I am going to do a scrog. I will also be using cocoa instead of my dwc bucket. I am debating on whether to do 4 or six plants, but i think this will be based on whether it is sativa or indica dominant. I will still use my led light. I will also have a 4" inline fan (impeller type) with a phresh filter for smell control. This grow probably will not be started for another month due to planning/ construction around my already busy schedule. I'll get pics up as soon as possible. If anyone has any questions from my past experiences I can be a reliable source of knowledge.

    Good Day GC
    FT101 :smoke:
  2. Here are those pictures I promised you guys:

    Grow 1

    Harvest 1

    Grow 2

    Harvest 2
  3. Alright guys, sorry to disappoint (although I don't think anyone's following this thread yet) but my hydro store ordered the wrong grow tent so i can't post pics of the new setup. The new one will be here thursday hopefully :)
  4. Alright guys, sneak preview. Its not getting started until next friday but I couldn't resist setting up the new tent.



  5. Nice tent. I just built a 3x3x5 for my next grow. Like you, I will be doing a scrog too. It just seems like the best way to go for us small timers :)
  6. Eagerly waiting :)
  7. Setting it all up, hopefully will have babies in Saturday afternoon. Will definitely have pics ^^
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    Behold, The beginning of the chaos soon to come:

    Purple Trash


    So I watered the soil with water at the ph of 6.5, dunked the plant in a miticide, then planted them, packed down the soil and added a little, then watered again with the same water, sound like a good transplant procedure?
    And the light is hanging 3-4 ft away for the first day (which is actually night lol) to let them adjust and overcome the shock of transplanting/different light schedules/whateverthefuckesle.
  9. Are you packing the soil down around your plant?
  10. I did with what the soil that was already in there before I transplanted, but not what I added after. So there is a .5" top layer of unpacked soil. Is that OK?
  11. I dont pack the soil at all. In fact, I use vermiculite to help avoid soil compaction. When you water, the dirt will settle down in, but you want to not make it harder for the roots to expand. I just hand mix my soil elements (plain ol ferts, perlite and vermiculite) and that makes sure its settled, but not packed.
  12. Damnit, first mistake, Well, solution?
  13. If you just did the transplant, you can dig up the dirt around your plant without really doing much....
  14. What if I take a chopstick and stir it up? as long as I don't break up the rockwool, I should be alright, right?

  15. That should be ok. Get some oxygen down in the soil. Just be gentle and yeah, dont break up the rockwool.
  16. Thanks Beeze

  17. No prob FT101-

    Im under no delusions. I know that my success has been largely not to my own accord. Many have helped me out, and I just like to give back.
  18. Sorry for not updating yesterday. I'll try to be consistent in updating every night between 6 and 7 (west coast) because that's when the light comes on and I usually tend to them. Anyway, last night I watered each a full cup of water, probably 12-16 oz. I also lowered the light by about a foot and a half so its probably 2.5-3ft above the plants. I'll lower it again tonight. I also used a chopstick to stir up the soil around the clones after I planted them since I made the mistake of packing it down (read above.)

    Thanks for following and helping GC (mainly Beeze ^^)
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    So I've been thinkin recently on how to completely seal off my light for my tent. This has led to a series of problems and proposed solutions and the end product is this. Would it be a good idea to recycle my air? Basically, I would run ducting from my exhaust fan to a box filled with dry ice. In this box it would be cooled, co2 treated, and excess humidity would be removed (I believe, correct me if I'm wrong). Then it would go from this box to my intake and start the process all over.


    And also, anyone have some info for me on purple trash? It appears to be a cross breed between purple kush, hashplant, and trainwreck. So mostly indica?

    Just did a little research, it seems 100% indica as long as the genetics are true....

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