First day of t-break!

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  1. Deciding to man up and just stop smoking until the end of the semester, both to save money and concentrate on school, as well as just to prove to myself that I can do it. I'll save all the money I'd be spending on bud and buy a Da Buddha Vape once the semester's over to celebrate. Any tips on taking a break? I am pretty weak when it comes to weed.. I went to the gym today and have been trying to concentrate on homework but its only been like 18 hours since I last smoked and it's all I can think about! How do you guys do it?
  2. What does manning up have to do with it?

    Tips? Stay away from people who smoke, lock yourself in your dorm and do your homework. You'll save money, get better grades, and you'll get to feel like a "man."
  3. If you wanna gurrentee sucess, avoid all smokers untill your finished with your break. Ive discovered from myself and other's epxeriances the best way is to exercise daily and avoid other smokers and your definantly gooddddddddd

  4. lol beat me to it
  5. You don't even have to stay away from other smokers...

    Just say NO if someone offers a hit or something, most of my friends are smokers and during my t-break I was around them nearly everyday.
    Saying no isn't hard, if you can't do it.. well... idk what to say.
  6. I HAVE to smoke after hitting the gym

    Only way il probly quit is if im forced to

    sad but true
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    By "manning up" i meant being strong and just getting it done and not being weak about it. What exactly confused you about that? :rolleyes:

    Thanks for the advice guys, I have trouble turning down a packed bowl when it's in front of my face so I guess I'll have to avoid some of my buddies for a while when they wanna smoke lol.
  8. I wasn't confused, I just make fun of people who say dumb shit. No offense intended.

  9. It is hard, smoking feels good, and it usually doesn't seem rational not to smoke when your around a bunch of people having a blast passing a bong around.

  10. Making fun of someone is directly intending to offend them, actually. And what dumb shit did I say? "manning up" is a subjective term, there's no set definition for it. Just because you thought I meant it in a different way than I did doesn't make what I said "dumb shit". And yes, you were confused, if you weren't then you wouldn't have asked me to clarify. :smoke:

  11. For reallll. It's easier said than done
  12. Think about what you have to look forward too
  13. [quote name='"pokesmot247"']
    I wasn't confused, I just make fun of people who say dumb shit. No offense intended.[/quote]

    The fuck are you talking about?
  14. If I were you I would try exercising every time you feel like smoking.
  15. [quote name='"Sarkons"']Think about what you have to look forward too[/quote]

    Good suggestion.. Black Friday, thanksgiving, low tolerance, Christmas, winter break, 2nd job hopefully soon. ;) I am optimistic now, thank you
  16. [quote name='"Havok Se7en"']If I were you I would try exercising every time you feel like smoking.[/quote]

    Yeah that's what I did this morning and it felt great!

    Btw is there a way to multi quote on the mobile app? Can't figure it out and I hate to post twice in a row
  17. Tolerance breaks are a joke.
  18. Jokes on you because us tbreakers are gonna have a lower tolerance than you :smoke:
  19. Moot point.
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  20. Well I've said it, and I've done it....

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