First day of insanity tomorrow!

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  1. So i am finally starting insanity tomorrow, for those of you that don't what it is, it's a workout program thats supposed to get you in shape. Well yeah i need some tips, and motivation... How should i eat these next 60 days? Should i get supplements? How long will it take to actually see results? I'm about 25% body fat, so yeah. Any other tips would be helpful, pretty much anything is helpful, i might post pics every 2 weeks to show how i look :D
  2. try not to give up!
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    Dude i won't im done with looking like this i wanna change it... Especially cause summer is coming up.. I know i'm saying this now, but i feel like i might give up when i start :(
  4. Just listen to music, it was my best friend when I started working out.
  5. But how do you keep yourself doing it after your body says no? Or is it just all in you're head? I remember once i kept pushing and i ended up booting my lunch
  6. Getting into shape isn't about pushing your body past it's limit's... It's about ROUTINELY exercising and burning calorie's... The reason those program's like Insanity work, is not because they push you super hard. They work by establishing a daily routine too burn the calories....

    For instance, you could workout super fucking hard for 2 hour's one day and be tired / sore for 3 day's... You'll lose less weight this way than working out 3 20min session's over the course of 3 day's bcuzz you'd be routinely burning calories exercising every day
  7. What woud be a good routine diet for each day? Like what is considered a good breakfast, a good lunch, a good dinner, and a good snack? I just need an idea so i can kinda know what and how much i should eat...

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