First day of classes!!

Discussion in 'General' started by bluetoke547, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. So yeah I only had one class today but they have finally started. Tomorrow I will have more. The first thing my english professor said to the class was "Dont come in drunk or stoned, unless you can handle it" MAN it was so badass. My room mates professor is the head chef at the inn here(shes doing HRM for major) and hes like "Heres all the times I teach, if you over sleep, dont want to come early or just miss a class, come to any of my other ones" There both pretty sweet. Also tons of madd hotties walking around campus...another good reason to love college!

    But what I was really writing about is to say I have a time where I can come home between classes and my room mates are gone at theirs. So im just sitting here milking the RooR and having a blast!

    Man this was kinda pointless? Whatever im blazed to the dome
  2. Awesome, enjoy it! I leave for bootcamp October 2nd, and I won't have as much freedom as you, if any at all, haha. But, I hope you enjoy your stay. Where are you attending?
  3. Very similar experience here as well, all the way on the southeastern side.
    I love the fact that I don't have class before 10.00am anymore, that I can smoke ciggs (or other disguised as ciggs), get a coffee at starbucks, watch the michael vick live conference on big plasma tv's while I do my homework and look at all the hotties as you said. So many.

    I'm happy :)
  4. Man i go to community college which is a total drag but my first day which was today was so freaking awesome. I don't even know why. The day was so nice outside, and the professors actually seemed interesting. I didnt really talk to anybody because they all seem like low life scum but there are a couple of lookers ;);)

    I also really feel im going to be on top of my game this semester. Like i did fine last semester, had a 3.4 gpa and that was with working my ass off (adderall) at the last second and stuff but i feel this semester im actually going to work a little every day and just take it easy.

    Good luck to everybody in school!
  5. im going to a community college on the 4th...i plan on comin in stoned every class...

    what school you at, sounds like an awesome place...good luck man, i hope i go to a "real" college next instead of just having 2 community degrees...

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