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First day not smoking in almost a year. Help.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Melikes, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. Im dry for the first time this year. Couldnt eat breakfast and I keep getting these waves of intense nausea. Is there anything i can do to stop the nausea usually bud is my go to. :(
  2. Thats pretty bad. Just try and eat something healthy like fruit or a salad and hydrate yourself.
  3. You should take a break from weed if it has that much of a hold over you...
  4. damn i never got that bad...

    eat something man. chill out, take a nap, watch some tv.

    worst i ever got was some head aches some times, not hungry until like 2pm and its hard to sleep (the sleeping thing is most common...)
  5. People on GC make weed seem like crack. :rolleyes:
  6. Yeah, the thing that gets me is not being able to sleep. :/
  7. I thought marijuana didnt have physical withdrawals?

    Well thats no fun...
  8. This was my first week without smoking for a little over a year.

    Prepare to be super fucking irritable, I was getting annoyed at people for the littlest things, it fucking sucks

    Good thing I ended up scoring some medi where I'm at saved me for the last few days c;
  9. You'll get better tomorrow will be easier and the day after that will be too don't worry just push on and wait till your hungry to eat and if you arent at least eat once a day.
  10. Im not MISERABLE its not like withdraw, im still happy and hanging out with my friends today its just I cant eat, and occasionally feel like i have to puke but it passes. Weed doesnt hold anything over me, I just hold it in my mouth alot ;)

    Every hour I feel a little better.
  11. Do you play any video games or anything get your mind off the fact you got no weed and get your self distracted it will help
  12. I have no hope in sleep tonight now thanks guys lol.
  13. I smoke to help fix my nausea too. It really sucks when you can't medicate, the nausea comes back worse. Did for me anyway. Stay hydrated, avoid caffeine. Best advice I have.
  14. it's not that bad going a couple days without smoking. The only negative thing I notice when I'm dry is that I have a hard time falling asleep for the first couple nights, but that's because I use cannabis to sleep.
  15. Stay busy with other things and don't obsess over it.
  16. Sucks to be you when I took a break after a year of daily smoking I had no adverse effects at all. And my appetite actually increased. Mind over matter bro.
  17. i know exactly how you feel man, sorry to hear your out of trees. just gota keep your mind busy, i remeber when i was out for weeks on end and i was like how am i gonna sleep and got nausea often too and barely ate. you body is prob reacting to not having any weed in its system and thats why your gettin those withdrawl symptoms.hope u score some dank soon.
  18. Know how ya feel, been smoking a few grams a day for over a year now and now I'm getting UAd, day 3 without smoking, first day sucked but it gets easier each day, not much you can do but wait it out, force a lil food in ya and get some exercise, it'll help
  19. Just act like this little tolerance break/dry spell is like a mission and you have to get as far as you can before you smoke again and after a few days youll be surprised at how little you actually feel that need to smoke.
  20. Not really nausea's anymore unless I try to eat. Im just praying i get some sleep tonight. I think ill be fine after a melatonin or two.
    I long-boarded a little today and kinda forgot about it, but having no appetite = no energy so I couldnt keep at it all day.

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