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  1. Love it. As far as I'm concerned, a woman who is willing to bang me on our first date is not "easy" or a "whore". She's honest. :smoke:

    I mean, what gives, females? It isn't virtuous to wait and play games and shit. No, seriously. It's annoying. Trust me, all us guys know that you'd bang your musician, actor, or athelete of choice on the first date before he paid the tab. Why do us average joes gotta put in work? :confused:

    Dishonest, scandolous whenches, you lot!

    Btw: all guys agree deep down. Some may say they don't, but had you offered, they wouldn't reject.
  2. I don't bang on the first date, the second date, or the third date.
    I have sex with someone when I love and trust them
    Not because I'm playing a game, but I don't sleep with people I don't have those feelings for.
    Its not about guys working for it at all.
    Its about thag connection developing and wanting to feel it on another more inimate level
  3. I'm a hormone driven manly-man, and even I would not want to fuck on the first date.

    Going out to the bar looking for a one night stand is completely different. But if I'm looking for a relationship then I'm going to see what she's all about mentally before I enjoy her physically.
  4. truth^

    personally i prolly wouldnt be able to have sex on the first date cause my lil man down there doesnt work unless im very comfortable with you and actually have some sort of attraction other than physical going on as well.
  5. Hell if shes "honest" then I'm all for this guys opinion
  6. If shes hot i don't see why not
  7. "Does waiting really make us better people?"

    She wouldn't be a whore unless she has a consistent reputation of it.
  8. Well, then i guess i'll be honest and let you all know... i bang on the first date.
  9. Ive never had to go on a date for sex....its usually sex first..then a first date with me.

  10. Really?

    I thought that women wouldn't be "whores" if it weren't for religion's paralyzing suppression of human sexuality.
  11. I've banged on the first date. If you're both horny, why the fuck not? Sex isn't some serious thing. As long as you know the person is clean and you don't fuck without a condom, what's the big deal?
  12. I could have swore the OP sounded like Charlie Sheen while reading this haha but yeah if your both horny and ready to bang then might as well.
  13. I think banging on the first date is good..don't wanna fall into that friend zone
  14. Lads there is nothing wrong with a bit of pasion if there is that spark y wait you know passionate sex is fantastic an its natural may as well enjoy it
  15. First date sex?
    never done it, seems kinda awkward, though. :p
  16. My call girl seems to have a very distorted perspective, everyone of our dates goes extremely well though, can't complain when she's the date, the tab, and the sex. Call me old-fashion, but I'm still hot about those All-In-One deals!
  17. I don't think I would takes me a bit to feel comfortable with doing that with somebody I'm interested in. The majority of most people I know wouldn't on the first date.
  18. Never really "dated." First date ever I slept with him. Still together 5 years later.
  19. Yep.
    I've done it more than once.
    In my defense, a lot of those dates were friends first.
    But sometimes there's just that lustful chemistry. Why deny it? I've had first date sex with guys I had no intention of a future with. I'm a pleasure whore.
  20. The reason most girls don't bang on the first date is BECAUSE of what most guys view them as or say about them after.

    Let's be real: WE weren't the ones who started calling girls easy for fucking on the first date.

    Maybe if it wasn't viewed as such an unacceptable thing to do, more girls would be straight forward if they want you or not.

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