First Date Ideas?

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  1. Other than smoking.  That'll come later. 
    There is this girl that I've been liking, pretty sure she likes me too, so I'm gonna ask her out.  I'm just terrible with date ideas though, especially first ones.  Let me hear yours!
    With the smoking, she knows I do, atleast she always is joking about it to me.  I get the vibe that she wants to try it, but that can come later.

  2. my guy took me bowling on our first date c: we did the whole double-date thing with another pair of mutual friends that were also seeing each other. our second date was even better. we both love electronic music and dancing, so we went to a show together and had a blast.
    but more importantly, what kind of girl is she, OP? maybe if we knew what she liked then it would be easier to suggest ideas.
  3. I like mini golf,playing video games, and laser tag. Personally I find dinner and a movie cliche and rather boring. Do something that is fun and quickly cuts the tension if those are not your thing. Also if she doesn't enjoy doing something like that I can quickly tell we won't work together. 
  4. I like the mini-golf idea.  She is literally the opposite of me.  I am quiet, reserved, and introverted.  She is crazy, energized, and very extroverted.  She makes (quite good) comedy videos even.  But, opposites attract, right?  ;)
    I agree. I would like to date someone who enjoys those things but I definitely wouldn't want someone that is just like me. Discovering things you wouldn't normally do or maybe out of your comfort zone is part of what makes a relationship fun in my opinion. 
  6. Dinner dates get awkward imo if your not good at dating unless youve known each other for a while like co workers or classmates etc. If you do something fun like go to a fair or concert or something its easier to break the ice instead of staring at each other asking dumb questions and trying to be interesting. Take her fishing girls love outdoorsy type of guys.
  7. Don't go to a movie where you will sit in silence for hours and not talk to each other. Find out what she likes, and then emphysize on that. If you hear her say "my friend got system of a down concert tickets. I love system and would die to see them live". Then go get SOAD concert tix and she will love you forever. Listen to what she likes, what she's into. Then take part in whatever she is into. Good luck.
  8. Raves.... every date must be raves...
  9. dude, go play mini golf. this is what i did on my first date, and i ended up marrying her.
    1. play a round of mini golf
    2. play a second round, but with the opposite hand. meaning, if you are right handed, play left handed (this leads to lots of fun and joking around. and it evens the playing field)
    3. take her out for some ice cream
    4. we just started chatting for a long time, found out we both enjoy movies, and there happened to be a blockbuster next to the ice cream place. we spent like 2 hours going through looking at movies and showing ones we liked. definitely the best date i ever took a girl on
  10. "In the car, I just can't wait! To pick you up on our very first date" 
  11. Why not just go to a good dinner then buy a bottle and take her home? its ez.
  12. Goto a bar and get her drunk and let her talk to your ear off
    Go gokart racing- if a guy beats me it usually strikes my interest but im competitive she might not like that
    Goto the beach you can check out her body lol
    Go hookah
    Go hiking
    Goto dinner
    Go for ice cream or frozen yogurt whichever
    Goto a coffee shop
  13. When I first asked my girl out, it was to play mini golf. She hesitated and it scared me, so I told her that a whole bunch of us were going and she should tag along. Then I had to find a group to go play putt-putt with. :laughing:
    Our first real date, we went fishing.
    Go mini golfing. It's a super fun activity and beats sitting silently in a movie theatre or awkwardly at dinner.
  14. Any other ideas? Dunno if I'm really feelin mini golf lol.

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