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First dank?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by treestoned, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. What was the first good bud you smoked and can name? My first was Purple Urkle, smoked so much words echoed for me.
  2. OG kush. real chill.
  3. California snow caps... was legit tripping sack
  4. Northern Lights. Knocked me on my ass
  5. Trainwreck
  6. Purple Kush, probably wasn't legit though
  7. a mix eighth of Afghan kush, Orange kush, and strawberry cough medical my first time, with 3 other ppl. Was soo high i thought i was swimming in my cup of red pop. Oh the old days of noob smoking
  8. I think my first real strain might have been AK47
  9. I think it was some OG master kush, though I'm not sure. That stuff took me to a whole different planet. :hippie:
  10. Some strain of Haze, not sure if it was pure, but sure was dank. Awesome.
  11. The first time I ever smoked I had some kind of really nice kush, but then I went a year on mids before I started buying medical every time and the strain that kicked that off was Master Kush. god, that shit stank. i couldn't crack the jar without my roommates knowing, haha.
  12. my first dank that i absolutely loved was that og kush ..had me on a another atmosphere
  13. Purple diesel
  14. Alaskan Thunderfuck.. and it sure did thunderfuck me. WOW
  15. Unfortunately... i have no idea what the name of it was. Always just referred to it as "Chronic"...

    The first good dank i got was in Tacoma, WA back in 2009... the frostiest kush i have ever got probably. To this day i have not had better kush i dont think... shit was just too good.

    I always got this high mids from my friend for 25/half eighth

    Then my brother and his friends got smart and got their own cards and he gave me a free 1.4g sack of Bubba Kush and Atomic Northern Lights x Shiskaberry

    Everyone here grows dank... it's pretty hard to find schwag/reg/mid/snicklefritz... practically every bud is over 10% THC. Pretty good growers all throughout the state... but the best are found out in western MT.
  16. Bet my left nut half those strains arent legit, but w/e i just wanted to say that
  17. bubba kush, wrapped in 2 baggies and smelled my car up for a few days

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