first cupboard grow! need advice

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by e12weedhed, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. ok this is my first grow and attempt to grow weed.

    ive bought some Lowryder 2 seed, germinated it etc. ive got a few questions which hopefully a novice grower can help me out!

    since my cupboard grow is not fully finished yet im thinking would this effect my plant? i have bought my cfl lights and im using multi-purpose compost to grow plus i bought some soluble plant food.

    ive put the seed in my compost around 25cm pot. its been 2 days and still see no difference, infact the seed is still the same after i germinated it.

    im still waiting for my reflector sheets, and my ventilation tools which i purchased of ebay.

    here is a picture of how it looks right now. i have two cfl lights on 100watt+ (6400k) and another 100watt with a normal fan blowing air in and out.


    please dont laugh at my grow :( im still in process of building it properly.

    i just need advice on my grow as its been 2-3days and has not shown any life.
  2. anyone?????
  3. So you didnt see any change in the seed after you germinated the seed? You should have seen the seed start to open. It took my seed 3-4 days to sprout after i germinated. You might wanna get a reflector for that bigger cfl, to increase light spread
  4. my seed was germinated and started sprouting but it has been 3 days now and its still the same. i moved it to a peat pot and noticed my seeds shell has fallen off. is this a bad thing or???
  5. Sorry bro, its just hard to tell from your pix. So there is a seedling that broke the soil? If so you just gotta sit back and let her start growing. It doesnt look like your have 100+ actual watts there, so you will prolly wanna add some 23 or 46 watt cfls.
  6. cheers for the reply! ive just moved it to a peat pot to start it off. the shells has fallen off so its just a sprout. hopefully it will grow!


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