First Cross Joint

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  1. So since my roommate and I woke up this morning, weve been smoking joints all day. It's now 10pm and we decided that we should go big and try to make a cross joint and here is the final product:smoke:
    How's it look?

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  2. sweet. tell us how it goes XD
  3. I think I'm gonna have to give one of those a try..Good luck!:wave:
  4. Looks sick man. Those are fun, toke up. How many grams are both the joints combined?
  5. I made a cross joint once by making an apparatus out of index cards and then just attaching three joints to it. I got so baked.
  6. prlly 2 or 3 grams to roll it my guess
  7. woot! hah never tried one myself. let us know for sure.

  8. bannage
  9. thats sick i want to try making one of those someday..
  10. Lets just say i was paralyzed last night for sure. I prbably put a whole cut in the entire thing. It doesnt look to fat but in person it was a fat ass jay. For sure rolling another one in 30 min :smoke: Stay High!
  11. i've rolled 4 of them so far..
    takes like 2-3 grams easily
    and yeah its pretty sick,

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