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  1. long story about cool cops and my first cop encouter as a Senior in higschool... fast read at the bottom of the Great Wall of Text.

    There are 6 of us, all aged 18 and we decide that 3 of us are going to smoke before we find stuff to do. This is at about 5 in the afternoon. So we drive to some woods and the three of us toke up just two big bowls. I carry my kit around which has drops, spray, a lighter, papers, and weed. My friend had his bowl. As we walk out, two cops meet us and say hey so what were you six doing in the woods. They line us up and the apartment next to the woods had a window open with a guy with his head out LAUGHING HIS ASS OFF. He said shit like "they go in all the time and now look at those punks, THEY ARE FUCKED". The cops find my friends bowl and say ok now who has the weed. I just wait until it is my time to get checked and right before i do they have a hat with all my friends possesions from their pockets. I toss my altoids can kit into there along with the weed and he checks me and im clean. He picks up the hat and finds everything along with the kit. He says ok you can all get busted or whosever shit this is can come clean. So i say it was mine. They also found another one of my friends fake I.D's. So they split us up. The kid with the fake id didn't smoke but he knew he was fucked. then me and the kid with the bowl were off to the left, my other three friends with one of them who smoked were to the right. The asian cop told me and the bowl kid to talk. He walks us over and is like this is stupid. He said he knew what weed is like he knows his shit. just dont. be. stupid. about. it. He told us there was an easy way to do this and a hard way. He said we could rat someone out and this would make it alot easier for us. Well i said i didn't have a dealer and the guy knew i was lying so he had a one on one talk with me. The other guy with the bowl said he could "hook him up fat" with info.. little bitch. So the cop tells me just to rat a few people out... not my friends just people. I tell him, this was my fuck up, not theirs so why should they get blamed. They walk us to my friends car which is blocked in by the cops and tell us to get in the cop car. They say they will call our parents and then take us to the station where we will get a court date... at the court date we just walk in the felony gets declined and removed off our record. The guys started to just give us hints. He said cool shit like, don;'t let this little amount of weed fuck your life over. they also told us to smoke in a city less than 30 seconds away (we were at the border). Then finally he says we are working so your parents do not need to know. And then the cops did an amazing thing... They made me call the detective who i would still not give in to his tempting ways. And trust me, it is tempting. finally the cops say, our sherrif's ass is on the line and if you tell anyone about this you are fucked and shit rolls down hill. They let us out and we got taco bell.:]

    Smoke in woods with 6 guys
    find my kit/weed, friends bowl, other friends fake id (and condoms haha)
    tell me to give up all my dealers but i do not give in/ my other friend gives in
    they let us off as if none of it happend as long as we didn't tell anyone in our area.
    moral of story is cops were just like us and know weed shouldn't fuck up a future.:D

    ALSO quick question.
    i left my drivers liscense in the cop car... Will they mail it to my house or just keep it because they know that we don't want our parents to know.
  2. i wouldn't suggest hanging around the friend who ratted all those people out much longer
  3. After how much they tried to get you to rat out a dealer, maybe you should let them know what it's like to get snitched on. :rolleyes:

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