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  1. What is the ideal size Container for a new germinated seedling?

    I've heard too small and you can stunt growth by restricting roots.
    Too big and you run into water drainage problems.
    I have a few different size containers already. The smallest pot available is probably less than 2"x2" in length and width while about 2 1/2" deep. The next biggest would be pot with a diameter about 3" and about 4" deep.
    I'm leaning towards the bigger of the two.

    If anyone has any images to give me a better specific container size or any watering tips to go along with the size, I'd appreciate it.

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  2. Don't over think this. Unless it's an auto just throw it into a solo cup and in a week or two transplant.
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  3. Use the biggest container you can get. +1 on the solo cups. I like the 24oz.

    But in reality, it would be best to start it in the container its going to live in. If its a large container, and a small plant, just dont over water it. You dont want to over water regardless of container size anyway.
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  4. I do solo cups,then 1 gal. then 5 gal,then clothes hangers,lol.
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