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first concentrate ever!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by loojmuffins, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. Just picked up a g of hash oil for 50, and rigged up a hot knife bong set up. How's it look? Smokes great very potent!

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  2. looks like it could've been purged more & it looks like a 2nd or 3rd run
  3. definitely new to concentrates haha, could you give me some tips to identify higher and lower quality oils?
  4. last time i picked up oil was $70 for 5 grams but it wasnt that good so i just made my own now :D its purging atm
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    $50? Seems a bit pricey, but I've never purchased extracts, I make my own. Mostly because nobody sells any around here, I had a hash connect but we lost touch... Anyways! Looks good though man! Enjoy it!!
  6. that for sure needs to be purged more
  7. Hot knifing is such a waste.
    Mix it with a cigarrete and roll a joint or put it in a bong with like a dash of tobacco
  8. Sorry to steal OP's thread to ask lame questions, but what exactly is purged? I'm not sure I've heard the term.

    Hash cigarettes are amazing. Good tobacco and good hash in a joint paper has such and interesting and enjoyable flavor. A wonderful high to.
    Welcome to the City btw Basquedude
  9. higher quality BHO extractions will generally be sap/amber glass, there can be high quality budders but sap is better in terms of flavor
    they're generally semi-see through and color wise are amberish orange

    emohokaywhy posts some high quality extracts on his thread & in the post your hash/oil thread
    my extractions aren't close to what he puts out but its where i hope to get at some point
    here's some of his amazing hash

  10. It's definitely not my favorite way to smoke hash, personally, but if you are knifing properly, you shouldn't be letting much if any smoke escape. It's not a waste at all, quite the opposite.

    I still prefer wands, dabbing, or even a simple concentrate/hash bowl-topper myself, for efficiency, temperature control and flavor. :)

    But with a joint or a cig on the other hand, unless you're capturing the trail from the lit end between each inhale, it's much more wasteful (not only that, but other methods like glass wands, ceramic irons and even knifing, can allow you to better control the temperature and prevent you from degrading as much potency due to their lower heat exposure, similar to dabbing or vaping:smoke: )
    Without access to fancy wands or soldering irons, hot knifing is an adequate alternative. :D

    That, and if you're trying to enjoy the unadulterated flavor of a good concentrate, for the first time, mixing with tobacco is about the last thing I'd suggest (unless that's what you're going for, and to each their own, of course). :p

    And for the person who asked, purging just means to complete the evaporation or removal of the solvent used for the extraction... when finishing up a solvent extracted concentrate, you want to 'purge out' the solvent or impurities for a cleaner, tastier, healthier end product. :)

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