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  1. Hello everyone! Lets start of by saying I just purchased my first 1000w light setup. I have grow successfully using CFLs and outdoors. Plan on using a supersoil mix that includes Bone, Blood, Kelp meal, Earthworm Casting, Espoma Plant Tone, Dolomite lime,  Rock dust. Happy Frog base soil with pertilite added for extra drainage.  I'll be taking clones from a Purple Urkel plant I've been growing for almost half a year now, as well as some clones from a Heavenly Blessing plant that I also have been growing. Went out and bought a clone dome and some cubes with gel. I'm going to repot the Heavenly plant and let her chill for a week before taking any clones. After cubes I have base soil with pertilite and EWC in one gallons to pot them in. Probably going to go buy 10-15 gallon smart pots for them later in life. I mixed my soil about a week ago so I'm currently just letting it bake until I clone. I would say 2 weeks top and I will be starting this project. Come back soon for some pictures of my grow room and my clones. 

  2. Let's see that 6 month old purple urkel.
  3. yeah yeah 6 month old urkel! pix!! pix!
  4. 0124141351.jpg
    Pictures of my mothers and my grow room size. Also have a picture of the ballast and reflector I'm using. Had some problems with PH with the purple urkel, shes doing amazing now but def had stunted growth in the first couple months, Really good random genetics got a clone from a buddy who picked it up from somewhere that clones usually aren't very good at. You can see my heavenly blessing plant in there as well.
  5. Took clones today got 8 Heavenly Blessing plants and 4 Purple Urkel's. Taking the best 6 for this grow! Stay tuned for transplanting the clones into solo cups!
  6. Came back into my room this morining and all my clones were drooped and almost lying flat on the tray, Next time I need to get my tray wetter, they are still green and look like the might survive. If not I guess I'll just try again next time and buy some seeds or something. 
  7. so Out of the 12 clones I took only 4 survived, all purple urkel plants. Gonna see if they root, if not I'm just gonna go pick up a seed cube from a local clinc. Sour kush or Lohan. Updates will be coming soon!
  8. Whooa Whooa slow down! Clones droop from either needing more humidity or they're about to root. If you haven't pulled them, don't! They aren't dead yet.
  9. I mean they were dead drooping as yellow and brown from heat. Got 6 left though and they seem to be doing well

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  10. So I figured out the dimensions of the room I'm going to be building. 8x6x8 is going to be be split into a 3x6 veg room and a 5x6 flower room. I have a closet in my room that I'm going to be using for a cloning station. Going to have studs every 3 feet then stapling panda poly up to the walls, ceiling, and floors. I'm going to be using a 4'' duct fan out of the back of the veg room and a 6'' duct fan out the back of the bud room. Both venting out a window out the back of my house outside. Fresh air intake is going to be through the front of both rooms, figured sense the room I'm building this is has positive pressure if I exhaust out the back of the grow room it will make the grow room negative pressurized therefore pulling air from the room around it and exhausting the grow rooms heat outside. Going to split the room with panda poly as well. I have a 1000w ballast reflector and HPS bulb for bloom. And a 400 watt ballast reflector and MH bulb for veg.  All electrical will be behind the panda poly leading the a panel on the back wall where I plan to run all my electrical through. Figured about 400$ and I will have an efficient space to  really start exploring into the wonderful hobby of botany!

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