First coco run, loving the results!

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    Running 70 lavender clones under 2 1000w MH's. The plants are loving it, there are roots everywhere, transplanting to 5 gal pots in a few days.
    The pictures were taken yesterday at week 3 veg, oh yeah, they were fimmed 3 days ago. :D

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  2. Baller grow dude.

    What are you using? Space? Nutrients? Lighting? Cooling? The people demand to know just how you put all this awesome together.

    At first I was going to say with the nodes alternating the way they are you could have probably opted out on the fimming, but, the close-up change my mind and I'm thinking it was a smart move. Slow 'em down up top a little, transplant, build some more roots, prune off what you don't want, and flip to flowering. Should have 5 or 6 really decent colas on each plant. I swear, if there is 4kw+ of lighting with good environment control and CO2... this is going to be a jaw dropping grow.

    Considering seventy 5gal planters has got to run you probably a few hundo, then there's all the coco, like 1300L worth of the stuff... Damn.

    If you haven't made the commitment, most people find that 5 gallons of coco is too much coco. I guess it depends on the size you want the final plant to be but I really suggest using closer to 3 gallons of media and staying on a very regular feedings. Stepping it down to 3 gallons would save you money that I don't think you'll be glad you spent at the end (unless this is a very big operation, 10kw+ vertical bulbs, 4-5 foot plants on average, and all that).
  3. ill be keeping my eye on this........ looking like a nice little patch in there.

    what size pots are they in now? you could get away w/ 2gal grow bags. 5gal is quite a large container for coco
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    SCMC: Thanks bro, its always nice to see a fellow bay area greenthumb on here. This is not just me though, I have two equal partners in this, which is a huge help.

    There are 10 trays under 12Kw in a 35' x 7' area, but we're just using the 2Kw for veg, when fully operational the lights will be air cooled with a carbon filter for any smell. Feeding them sensi a and b, cal-mag, BioRoot and some silicon. When flowering we will be running mostly advanced nutes.

    We fimmed because they were growing explosively, at week 2 1/2 - 3 they were 12 - 14" tall, wanted them to branch out a little more before flower time :metal:

    With all expenses considered, this grow has cost about $10K and counting.

    Tothehead: I appreciate the kind words, its nice when when the fellow blades enjoy ones work, very gratifying.

    They are in one gallons right now, fives are big, but we want use this run as a measuring stick. Depending on what happens, we could go bigger, smaller or stay at five. Like the title says, this is our first run with coco (we were soil guys before this) were excited with what we see though.

    Another angle:

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  5. Sign me up!
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    ** Update time**

    Transplanted into 5 gallons, and spread out. Enjoy:smoke:

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  7. thats exactaly what a garage should be used for
  8. Nice grow...sub'd
  9. I hope he comes back with more updates :)
  10. Hell yeah, this guys gonna have some serious plant porn coming up....

  11. very nice bo! you got some work fo sho!! i've been in coco for years and will never go back to soil. very good idea having the containers in trays. saves a lot of hassle dealing with the run-off. i know you already said you were gonna use advanced for flower, but i would suggest something coco specific, much less hassle!!! advanced use to have monkey juice for coco, but no more i believe. i use house and garden and it's the best coco specific line i've ever used. it's made by "van de zwaan," out of the netherlands. i also use "diamond nectar," and age old "humic 12." between the two of these, i get humic and fulvic acids. i use pro-tekt (silicon) as ph up, which is also great for overall plant health. i'm sure you know all about proper run-off etc. don't mean to butt in with the nute info. but i'd steer clear of advanced for coco personally. just my .02 cents, lol. good luck, looking great!!!

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