First coco grow old school skunk :)

Discussion in 'Coco Coir' started by Lindsay 420, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. 4x4 room 5ft high
    400 hps
    Canna coco a+b
    Cal mag
    50lt black tub 50/50 coco perlite
    Bag seed single super skunk out of some awsome smoke

    So this is my first coco grow not first grow lol I've just transplanted from a 15 lt pot into a 50 lt tub when transplanted I couldn't actually see the coco in the 15 lt pot through the solid white pot shaped mass of roots lol never seen anything like this before growing in soil was unreal :)
    Will get some pics up asap gonna turn this beautiful girl into a monster :)
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  2. image.jpeg Tied whole thing down n supercroped few more branches also topped 2 of the midle branches to make 4 clones just for new batch if this turns out as I think she will :) gotta continue genetics aha
  3. image.jpeg Putting on size verry quickly 4 clones took off looking verry good should see roots in next day or 2 then will veg of 2 weeks n flip whole lot to 12/12 prob take couple more clones once this one stretches for next grow am loving this strain it's beautiful
  4. Also have verry nice strawberry cough which is indica Dom which will flower with them
  5. Flipped to 12/12 last night :) let the stretch begin :) also got an ak47 and an indica pheno strawberry cough with her the 4 clones I took off her week n half ago starting to root now so will be putting 3 of the 4 back in flower room in a week or so once start to grow again and keep one in the clone room to use as a mother for next run
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  6. Damn I miss old school skunk lookin good lindsay

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  7. Been along time since I'd seen this sort of smoke man my brother got a quarter ounce off a mate who grew it from seed like 15 years old haha and low and behold found a single MASSIVE seed ;) he knew I grew on the sly so he chucked to me n when he showed us what it came out of went straight home chucked in water 48 h later she was growing has had insane growth n smells amazing :) had pre flowers for couple weeks now so thought I'd chuck her into flower sooooo can't wait to see how she looks in few more weeks
  8. image.jpeg Well she's gone nuts since flipping 5 days ago has massive amount of growth in middle took anothe 8 clones off as had to thin out a little n didn't want to waste it hahaha keeps going way it is will take over the room ;) but spose that's not a bad thing aha
  9. Dam she's just exploding with growth she's gonna be a big girl when she's finished already close to 4 ft wide each way :) n soooo many branches
  10. Well she's now a 3ft x 3ft monster with a stem around an inch and a half thick lol put her into flower around 2 weeks ago and has been slow to start setting but looks to finally be doing what I want have also taken around 16 clones all of which have taken root as intend on putting some outside and also found a small sog setup as I've never tried it before but always found interesting:) will also be keeping one of the strongest clones as a mother :)
  11. image.jpeg Starting to set flowers nicely now

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