First Closet Hydro Grow

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    So here we go. This our first grow, and we're pretty excited to test our green thumbs out. This set is up just a perquisite before the big ebb and gro we have in mind. We have a total of seven plants. In seedling mode we have three Super GDP's and a LA Confidential. The GDP can from fabulous seeds that flourished out a nice batch we had, and the LA is fiminized seed that we got from Nirvana. Next up in a sexy water farm set up we have a Kush Berry, the seed came out some kush berry my partner had that didn't come out so hot. Finally we have two girls (hopefully) that we are tending too. The two unknowns were planted on Dec. 24, the Kush Berry came shortly after bout Jan. 8, and the seedlings were planted about 2 1/2 weeks ago. As for lights the Unknowns are up under a 400w HPS, the water farm is under a T5 floursent, and the seedlings are in cloner. Before this dairy we had been having troubles, so hopefully with the help from some of my extended family here at GC we can get these girls to there max potentia. So without further a due here are some pics of the set up and a few individual pics. l

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  2. New clones pics coming soon!!!:hello::p

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