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  1. 25 days in the closet 13 days in flower. Auto Ak47 in 2 gal fabric pots in premium potting soil and feeding 1 gallon FF3+ cal-mag. Grow space bout 4x4 using a viparspectra xs 2000. I had a xs1000 bolted on. But the temp was rising up to 83F+. Took the xs1000 out. Temps dropped to 77F. Running the light 20/4. D7C8379B-7D77-4587-A61A-70A2A9E8461A.jpeg
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  2. I think with LED you want to run closer to 80-82.
  3. That’s about the temp now. Got a couple fans one blowing around the plant, one hanging blowing air out around the closet door. What’s everyone’s view on topping autos? Have a smaller grapefruit haze I was hoping to fit. D428928A-F383-47BB-8382-6A6B198AF43C.jpeg
  4. I mainline all my closet autos, but you need to start the first cut at about two weeks, and the final third top at 28 days. Topping after 28 days is just giving away yield, I would not top a plant that is more than 28 days from seed.
    I gave grown autos in 2 gal bags. They will need to be watered often, every day for sure and probably more. If you have good water no problem. But sodium builds up on the roots when a plant needs that much water due to constant evaporation. If you run into problems that look like calcium deficiency and adding more calmag does not help, don't be afraid to repot into 3 gallon bags with fresh medium at any time.
  5. Hi Talkative, just check date on the gfh it’s 18 days up. Mainline that an interesting read. Defiantly better way of growing in a closet lol. Oh and bigger bags for sure. Pix of GFH!
    E21D6413-CC25-4C1E-9056-C8B930AEACC3.jpeg .
  6. Mainline for me does not increase yield and will set no records. I top above the third node, which splits the plant in two. If you stop there, it creates a bad idea plant in that now instead of one balanced plant you have two identical plants with two insides all buched uo together. You could stretch thoe two plants out horizintal which creates a good plant if you have good horizintal light. But I top those two a week later at the first node which now creates 4 tops, but those 4 tops will get masssive and very thick and tall. So a week later I top those 4 at the first node and that creates the final 8 top mainline auto. Some photo growers with time on their hand will do it again to make 16 tops, but for autos 8 is perfect and you will love it at harvest time. 8 cuts and hang (in the refrigerator if you have room and don't mind ice cream in the freezer tasitng like weed.)
  7. I top at the 5th-10th node. Instantly makes 10-20 tops.
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  8. Ok guess my mainline trial begins. 45F66BAA-C6C7-4311-9956-0DD1C29D7793.jpeg
  9. I think I would of just topped that auto the way it was, and LST it and would of gave you a nice yield, if it was a auto don't think it will produce that well now being topped like that. Could be wrong.
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  10. Hi Clearsky maybe next time. Plant looked good and healthy. I need to learn to grow in a small space.
  11. If thats an auto you really messed it up. Is your issue height or square footage?
  12. Well now I feel like shit. Yes it a auto, I didn’t figure I had room for 3 plants growing like Christmas trees.
  13. Lol we all fuck up. I would pack 9 autos into a 4x4 space personally. Would probably have to trim some branches off but i would rather have to take away than wish i could add more. Your clearly not afraid to hack off massive parts of the plant and you never know how big an auto will get so in the event that you get a bunch of dwarfs, at least you have plenty of them to make up for their size, or you have to hack off some branches; either way you win.. I also think you should try putting both your lights in the grow area all the way to the ceiling, as high as you can get them and run them both at 100% seed to harvest. See if that gets your temps under control. Better to have more light higher up that gets reflected around. Better canopy penetration. And it should get your temps and humidity under control.

    I had great success growing autoflowers under 1000w HPS seed to harvest. Just kept the light all the way to the ceiling of the tent the whole grow. I was working with poor genetics though, never hit that quality mark.

    And the good news is they are autoflowers, you can plant more of them right now!

    first grow, 5x5 tent. All different strains from different breeders. I didnt do any training. As you can see, autos do what ever they want. I see them fitting into a world where your mother grows a couple autoflowers on the deck. Hell even in the garden. I think its the prettiest flower there is. And the variety.... Most flowers only have a few distinct genetic variations. Its endless with weed. Imagine being able to buy roses that smelled like blueberries or lavender or pine or lemons or a skunks ass hole.

  14. Bolted the 2 light back together, 76” ceiling can even walk under the light. Thanks 420JoeBlow it does seem brighter!
  15. No problem man. I see so many people running lights just a few inches from the plant and i get that they dont want to lose light efficiency due to it reflecting and not hitting the plants directly but the plants are just overall happier having some space to breathe.
  16. Did this fix the temperature issues you were having?
  17. Temp holding at 80.5F
  18. Nice.
  19. Hi has been 85.8f during daylight. House temp set 77f. The gfh looking a little wilted give it some water picking up.
    AK doing great, love all the snowballs. It looks nothing like the other 3 planted this summer. Drops down to 75 while the lights are out
    54077EC4-33C0-4589-96DA-11182454F20D.jpeg D6267B92-47AC-43C5-93A4-E70754C1B1CA.jpeg
  20. Man you keep your house toasty warm.

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