First closet grow.

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  1. I'd get an old nightstand or small dresser at a thrift store....they're pretty cheep and easy to mount some lights and fans in :)
  2. If i had more room i would be using this awesome cabinet i found on roadside collection. Ut small is limited so its a pc grow for now , good for learnin ha . Good idea is the second hand shop for grow cBinets , even chects of drAwers work awesome check out some of the chest of draw diy set up freakin sweeet, peace out
  3. Thanks for the responses :)
  4. This is what I did... Working great thank you for all your help!!

    Lunar Powered 4.4.3
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    Here's a pic of what I got going

    Exhaust Fan


    Outside shot


    Thanks to bongsauce and his paitience with me as this is my first he's been nothing but helpful !

    Lunar Powered 4.4.3
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    Sorry for all the questions but in the box do you see where a good place to put another cfl is?

    I Have removed the hood

    Lunar Powered 4.4.3

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