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  1. Got my first grow setup ready today. Nothing elaborate or fancy. Just something cheap and used what little space I have. This is growing in my closet in my room. I have another bed room that is vacant but with the occasional crashing drunks, don't want them venturing in there and wondering what that light is coming from the closet. I've got 4 - 26w cfl 6500 k and waiting on my neighbor to bring me 2 2' 17w fluros 5k I believe. I currently have a pineapple express growing in there right now which was stressed to the max with 2700k lights. No wonder the thing wasn't growing. I have about 20 pineapple express seeds and currently have 3 germinating waiting to pop. I'm using a mixture of top soil, perlite, and vermiculite as my medium. I have a day night thermometer in there as well. I am ordering a ph tester today because I cant find anything but analog testers around here. Just want to know what you guys think? Overkill on the lighting? I'm not looking for a big harvest. Basically jus want to be able to grow in what space I have. I believe I'm gonna have to learn to scrog though. Not much height for the lights. Anyways I'd like to have some feedback if you all don't care! Thanks!

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  2. Looking good!

    And as long as you keep the heat down, the more light the better;)

    You should post a close up of your seedling :)
  3. Yeah that's the only thing I'm concerned about! It got up to 90 in there last night but the door is shut completely no longer than 6 hours. It stays about 75-80 because I keep the door cracked most of the day. We are also having issues with our ac and it's been up in the 90's. If anything I can always cut some more of the bottom of the door as well. And my seedling isn't doing so hot now :(. I had to leave town for five days and my roommate decided for whatever reason to come in my room and shut my door all the way :(. But here's a pic before I left and today.

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  4. I hate heat issues:mad:

    Heat was a problem of mine for a while. Maybe it's just this hot summer.

    But, I have an AC in my room in which my grow tent is in and it helps a bunch. Hopefully your AC starts up soon.

    What soil are you using?
  5. Using a top soil, perlite, and vermiculite mix. Just got it at lowes. I am planning on ordering some nutes giving that I can't find any around here. I see a lot of people using fox farms on here. I have some orchid nutes that are a 20-14-13 though. I have a tomato plant growing in there so if anyone asks lol

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  6. Also the current conditions the room has been under

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  7. Haha nice security option :smoke:

    Make sure your ph stays around 6.3 to 6.8.
    And that seems to be a pretty good temp.
  8. Will those digital ones read soil as well? I'm trying to figure out which one to order. Or should I just be paying attention to the ph of the water that goes in and the runoff?
  9. Still gonna continue to try and grow this one out. Any ideas on what the "problem" is lol. Like I said it was under the wrong kind of lighting for weeks and was in soil that had basically zero aeration. It has been in a new medium for a week and a half and just put it under the right lights for veg yesterday.

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  10. Popped 2 seeds into soil today. Also added another light. 2- 2' 17w. Have 3500k in there right now. Waitin to get my daylight bulbs ( neighbor works at state electric). also an updated pic on my previously strained plant. Cut the. Cotyledons and first two sets of leaves off yesterday and plant seems to be coming around.

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