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  1. Hey everyone, this is my first grow with 6 bagseeds. I'm looking for as much advice as possible because this is still very new to me.

    2 Plants planted on 4/18
    1 more planted on 4/25
    4 seeds started germinating on 5/1

    I'm using 4 6500K cfl's at the moment, 2 100w and 2 75w. The total watts used is about 100 right now, but I have lots of room to hang more once the plants grow bigger.

    I've been watering with distilled water...temperature has been steady at around 80-85....I have a fan blowing a constant gentle breeze on the plants.

    These pics are from 1 week old to today:

  2. Mine look similar, but for some reason my second set of serrate leaves is coming out purple. It's bag seed tho so who knows. Looks like you're over watering them a little.

  3. I definitely gave the two seedlings too much water. How long until they start to show their sex?

  4. When they start to flower.
  5. What kind of soil and nutes are you using? I'm new to growing but you have a lot of yellowing on the leaves. Those leaves will dry up and fall off anyways but it seems like its early for them to do that
  6. Well, you can wait until they're the size you want them to be and then send them into flowering by setting the light schedule to 12/12, or you can kick them into flowering early, and then back into veg, but that just puts a lot of stress on the plant so I don't recommend it. Don't listen to anybody that says "when they start to flower", they don't "start" to flower, you make em flower.
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    Well we trick the plant by putting I into conditions that make it think it needs to flower. By putting the lights to 12 hours on and 12 hours off, we replicate the suns rotation to think its fall when the days get shorter and that's the time of year that weed blooms. I'm sure That's what people mean when they say "they start to flower"
  8. Sometimes they will get preflowers before you start flowering. Usually around week 3-5 of veg. But sometimes they wont show preflowers. Anyways good luck. Atleast you know you need your cfls that close. That's how I used to set mine up.
  9. Since your using tap water i would suggest you let the water sit out for about 24hours just to make sure all the chlorine is evaporated and i would also suggest you try lowering those temps to about 70-76 degrees
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    Switched the soil yesterday to 3/4 potting soil and 1/4 earthworm castings, and put the seedlings into individual cups. I have been watering with distilled bottled water since the start, but the last watering I introduced BioThrive 4-3-3 mixed in the water. Also potted 4 germinating seeds yesterday 5/3 and added more lights. Is a completion date by beginning of August realistic?

    I was surprised by how much quicker the taproot grew versus the first stem - sorry for the bad pic

  11. Why would you take the roots clean out of soil!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. seriously, thats a big no-no!
  13. Ooops...I didn't know. Hopefully they will recover ok, should it be a problem?

  14. YES! bet atleast some stunting while the roots get reestablished... damn man
  15. They're in some serious shock, its just a matter of them pulling out of it. Just don't over water them, give them plenty of light, and all that should happen is some temporary stunted growth and wilting.
  16. I didn't pull them out per say, I dumped out the soil carefully and mixed the soil with some goodies and poured it carefully back around the roots.
  17. How often should I be watering at this stage?
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    Water when the soil looks dry but make sure its not just the top that's dry. If you go to a hardware or gardening store, pick up a moisture meter and you can see how moist the soil is at different depths
  19. you don't have to buy anything, just put a pot with the same amount of soil, but dry, right next to it and when they feel about the same weight, it's time to water. or just have a schedule of when its usually dry and go by that like more experienced growers do.
  20. Yeah okay...

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